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I'm a college freshman majoring in theatre. I spend my free time playing video games, tabletop rpgs, reading manga and sci-fi, watching Anime also reading web comics. I'm also writing for the web comic "The Realm of My Roommates Closet"
I'm a musician playing many instruments and a HUGE fan of Heroes, Firefly, and Scrubs
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I've been meaining to post this comment for over a year, she is in no way a demi-goddess, she could obliterate that world with a single thought, she is all godesss! Still an awesome art though.
So another not real page, I'm sorry :( Please leave love even if you can't help so I know you're out there XD
A New Beginning
I know it has been a long time and I would not be surprised if few people are still even checking for updates. I appreciate so much those of you who have stuck around. I will do my best to have the page up this week. If you are bored waiting check out my other new project,
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! A commission I had Anna do for my own Mommy. There's also a colored version out there but it's on the other side of the country with said Mommy, sorry. So happy mother's day to all the mommies out there, hope your kids do something awesome for you.
And we're back hurrah! Hopefully will be updating a bit more regularly, Anna's just been having all kinds of computer problems (as you may have noticed) her new mac still doesn't like her scanner so we'll see how things go. Thank you so much for bearing with us. HUGS
Annie who has epic hair effects in panel 3
Very pretty my dear, love how it's coming out! GO WILL! *huggles will*
Annie who's comic misses it's artist :P
for those who cannot read the letter (as a lot of the content was cropped), it reads as follows: You expletive,expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, child abandoning,expletive, neglectful expletives! I hope this letter finds you well. Now come take this child OUT OF MY HOUSE. Anna: Cody really misses you. Didn't you say you would help him find his family? You said you were going to fight the dragon, it's been three weeks! I hope the battle went well with you and that you are safe. Annie: I cant make you cupcakes...sorry "Cuppycakes" if you don't come to visit. I miss you little sister and Anna could probable use your help. I expect to see you both soon. Glen Tegan Annaren. yeah sorry for the late update. Also this is not the original letter which is why it is so awkward, Tegan stole my letter *pouts*
CHECK THE NEWS POST! Important stuff
Yay so Anna and I are living together again woo! yeah forgive me for the backgrounds, though I think the rest of the coloring came out ok. Don't ask about that octopus, I have NO idea why he is there, I don't really remember drawing him *grumbles* jello shots.
I would like it stated for the record that I do not, nor will I ever, have a flowered shirt. thank you Annie
Push the red button and you have to deal with keanu reeves, just something to think about. Love the mini arc my dear, always awesome to see more Will :) Annie
There is something either very right or very wrong with the fact that this comic goes up the day Anna and I officially are going to be moving back in with each other. lol
and can you honestly blame anyone for reading Orson Scott Card books? I think not. Don't be surprised if we get a bit behind in the coming weeks though, at least one of us (hopefully both of us) is moving so things may get a bit weird. Hope you're all having a good weekend.
I love this page so very much and now it's HEEEEEREEEE! Seriously I have ben looking forward to this page for ages. So heroine dead, where does it go from here? See you next week XD
Happy two years comic! Did you ever think he would actually get the hat? Well it happened hooray! Panel 4 is for the real Tegan. And the Game of Real Life is an amazing game. Order it online or look for it if you find yourself at the Saturday Market in Eugene or Portland Oregon!

If we ever go to a con, I am making us a set of apples to apples and if you play with me you will never be more confused.
If you have never played apples to apples go find a set and play a game with the weirdest people you know. Remember, always use the Hellen Keller card in horrible ways!

Annie (played on confusing)
Love forever to that dragon...In really should name him...her...thingy
I apologize for the issues we were having over the weekend. I have NO idea what happened but it seems to be fixed now.
This is why you should not write comics while drunk, I did not intend that pie to actually talk!

Annie the confused
Beware the talking pie! Can they ever really be trusted? Be warned, the next few pages where written under the influence of alcohol.

the pie demands you comments and your soul