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I have a deviantart account!?!
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Go Moana, you got this
September 14th, 2019
Ok. Btw, you and some other Nuzlocke comic makers have convinced me to do my own Nuzlocke! I may make a comic about it as well, who knows.
U inspired meh
Ever since I have seen Nuzlockes on YT, I thought they would be boring. But reading Nuzlocke comic from people like you have inspired me to do my own Pokemon Black 2 Nuzlocke. Thx for the inspiration, and wish me luck. BTW, Love your comic and have now followed you on deviantart
Weird, it’s been raining for a while where I live a well
You know what I think would be cool. If you and some other Nuzlocke comic makers went head to head with your best Nuzlocke team
These chili-dogs have an explosive after taste
Now That’s A Lotta Damage
Are the butterflies a reference to Kirby superstar
Thx from the fans
Ever since I found this comic, I fell in love with it instantly. I enjoy digimon and was excited to see how the story would play out. It was so nostalgic recognizing parts and digimon from the anime and just made me feel happy. For all the people who are like this, I would like to say thank you all for this comic
That Title Tho
The title you used just hit me hard with nostalgia from the sonic rush adventure game
Aww man
Their is no more of the comic, me sad now😢
@Shard: this is exactly like explores of darkness
Is that a jontron reference!?!
@jeffreyex: bad touch, Bad Touch, STRANGER DANGER
Dew it
@Ultimate Yoshi: teh cornflekes are callin to ya. U Must eat da cornflekes
@Suction Cup Man: he said what, not who
Who would win
Who would win in a battle, one big modern sonic, or 10 small classic sonics