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I make weird comics about oddball characters.
I love 70s sci-fi art, retrofuturism, animation, psychedelia, and all things retro.
Basically a walking cartoon character.

Instagram: @lutztoons
Email: alexlutzart [at]
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    Alex Lutz
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In which Gideon comes home.

A good soundtrack for this page is "Schlum Rooli" by Glynis Jones, which is from the legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop. What a freaky little song. I was listening to it a lot while doing panel 1.

This page is the first one to be done entirely without Photoshop. I inked and colored most of it in Affinity Photo, but I painted the house in panel 2 using Autodesk Sketchbook on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I wanted to see if I could color at least part of my comic while I was out of town for a few days. I'm happy with how it turned out.

Once again, this was a surprisingly emotional page for me to work on. I've been waiting YEEEAARRRSSSSS to draw this scene, along with the ones that follow this page. I've never painted Gideon's property in color before in my life. I based Panel 1 on the first drawing of Gideon's house I ever made. It's already 10 years old! Can you believe that? I was only 15! Now you all get to see what I've had in my head.
@Oly-RRR: Thank you! The poor thing is held together by duct tape and its own rust. Gideon knows just enough about simple mechanical work to keep it alive. He'd buy a new car, but that involves intensive social contact and price haggling! Oh no!!!

And thank you! I've always felt funny about not being able to upload as quickly as I'd like, but I can't blow off school to work on my comic with a clear conscience.
<img src="" alt="2000" width="400">

Thank you all for being patient. I've been busy with design school for the past few months and didn't have time to make personal art.

Gideon must have excellent night vision to drive around in those thick woods with the lights off. Either that, or he's gone this route so many times that it's muscle memory by this point. But why is it necessary for him to turn his headlights off to begin with?

A good soundtrack for this part of the chapter is "Blue Lights at Night" by Tor Lundvall.
@Oly-RRR: Thank you! That's good to hear, I was worried it would be too jarring. I tend to gravitate towards digital tools that mimic their IRL counterparts, and having a screen tablet eased the transition a lot.
A good soundtrack for this portion of the story is the song Blue Lights at Night by Tor Lundvall.

We've finally made the digital age.

I hope the transition isn't too jarring! The comic will continue to be digitally-colored from here on out.

I'm going to continue relettering the comic. The font I picked didn't work with my art style, so I'm going to be using another one.
@Oly-RRR: Oh Gods, yeah. My favorite thing is when I'm trying to go to sleep and all of a sudden, my brain is like, "Hey, remember that REALLY awkward thing you said in 2009?" And then I cringe so hard I roll up into a little ball.

Thank you!! That's always the feeling I have about the forest. It's peaceful and quiet, but you're still wondering what would happen to you if you got lost.
@Lutztoons (the neurodivergent person being me)
OMG HAAAAHAH Chance's ridiculous grin in panels 2, 4, and 6. I'm dead. Bury me.

I love how he whisks them off to the police station on a special field trip and Gerry doesn't even have time to say anything.

Look at all that awesome elevator graffiti. AND OF COURSE there's cartoon dicks. WHY IS THAT A CONSTANT THEME IN GRAFFITI HAHAHAHAHAH
Use your inside voice, Chauncey! He's not in a good place, is he?

Just now noticed the red shadow of his missing arm in Panel 1.
Hahahahaah, young, zit-faced Chauncey is the best thing. (*Nutter voice* POOOOOOOOOOSH)

Oh my God, I'm dying at Gerry's uncomfortable smile in panel 4.

I like how you did the "ghosts" of the people who talk smack about the characters behind their backs. You can make assumptions about people all day, but there's no way of knowing what's inside someone else.
I'm really digging the way you drew the exterior of the tower blocks in Panel 1. And there's a lot to look at, too. Their place needs a lot of maintenance, from the peeling wallpaper, to the chipped chandelier, to the broken light switch coming out of the wall. I feel like I'm IN that room.
That 'hood panel looks great!

I like how Chance snapped a little bit, then immediately felt bad and invited himself over to Gerry's place.

"Numpty" is such a funny insult, I don't think I've ever heard it in my life.

Look on the bright side, least you didn't have a carton of eggs.

Poor Gerry always looks so tired.

*this typo struck me as funny, so it stayed

Even though these are old, I love these. Look at that giant, horrible stack of papers, my eyes are unfocusing just looking at it. I also really like the way you drew the bent, wide-angle perspective in the 7th panel. It mirrors how disoriented Chance must feel.
@Oly-RRR: Mental illness is an object of fascination for a lot of people, but it's often approached from a voyeuristic angle. Like looking at zoo animals. And I agree, misrepresentation of mental illness in crime fiction is pretty rampant. I think that goes with fiction in general, actually--I'd like to see more protagonists with certain conditions.

But this comic is written by a neurodivergent person, so you'll be getting a different perspective on things than usual.

On an unrelated note, thank you! SpOOooOOOOky SCARY WOODS
I've given myself like 500 billion trees to draw in the next few pages, send thoughts and prayers

This scene is based on the feeling I get when I read or watch something that makes my skin crawl because it hits too close to home. It's not the greatest feeling ever, but I'm glad it's relatable for you!
@Oly-RRR: *Gideon waves at u*

Thank you!! Car scenes are weirdly difficult to draw. You'd think they'd be easy since they're made of rectangles and squares, but they're just...not. I was hunched over my phone staring at car interiors on Google Images the whole time I was drawing this.
@Oly-RRR: Thank you! It's easier for me to function at night, too, and I love to capture the unique feeling it has.
YAAAAAAAY, you're back! I'm glad to have you along for the ride! :3