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I make weird comics about oddball characters.
I love 70s sci-fi art, retrofuturism, animation, psychedelia, and all things retro.
Basically a walking cartoon character.

Instagram: @lutztoons
Email: alexlutzart [at]
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    Alex Lutz
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I was intending to upload this page earlier, but I was very physically ill for several days. Here's the update!

Next Monday, I'm returning to school after a long break to get my AAS in Graphic Design, so I still can't promise updates with great regularity over the next few months. I'll still try my best, though! Even when I was getting my Bachelor's in Painting, I still found time to work on my personal art.

In any case, I've been figuring out ways to speed up production of my comic without sacrificing quality, so YAY!
@jocosejoni You’re welcome! And gotdann, you’d think that large screentones would be widely available on every platform. They look good.
Really diggin' the screentones you used on this cover!
Oooooooh, whose car could THIS be?

Some good background music for this chapter is "This Room is My Castle of Quiet" by Billy May and His Orchestra. I named this part of the story after this song.

In contrast to the first chapter, Chapter 2 will be a quiet little story with limited dialogue. The first couple pages are an epic zoom-in, so I'll be posting the second one within the next day or so.
I liiiiiike this! Your linework and color is loose but clear and deliberate, and your humor is on point. Hahahah, I love how Sam totally duped him into cleaning the house. I really like their personality and how determined they are.
@jocosejoni: Ahhhh, thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! (´・ᴗ・ ` )
SURPRISE! Looks like you're going to be seeing Chapter 2 sooner than you thought!

This cover is a redraw of an O-L-D illustration I made when I was 15, back in ye olden dayes of 2009. The original was one of those pivotal pieces that determined my artistic direction for years afterward and sparked the ideas that would eventually lead to this comic. See it here:

Several pages of this chapter have already been finished! However, they're all painted traditionally like the other pages in this book. I made a news post announcing that I will be completing the rest of the comic with traditional ink and digital color, and the art will shift to a slightly more polished style in the middle of the chapter. I was debating whether or not I should redraw the first few pages to unify the art throughout the book, but that would take extra weeks, and we need to get this show on the road. I'm trying to let go of the idea that everything needs to be perfect all the time. Besides, the important thing is to get the story out!

Time for somewhat regular updates!! Yaaaay!
@Oly-RRR: Thank you! Baby Cop ain’t got jack on Pumpkin Park. And thanks for checking in! :3 I used to be a lot worse about sitting around drawing without caring about my health, but nowadays I’ve gotten better about taking breaks and stopping myself from getting overworked. I usually don’t color more than one panel a day, or if it’s a more complex panel, it’s broken up across 2 or 3 days. That’s how I manage to do super detailed stuff without dropping dead while working. It might take me awhile to do one page, but I’d rather put out one or two pages per month than spend 14+ hours a day on a page for the sake of frequent updates and consequently suffer from burnout after a few months. So thanks for making sure I’m okay! You can rest assured that I’m not sacrificing health for my comics. :3
Out of all the movies he could have picked, he decides on this one. Geez, Gideon, how old is that video?!

Drawing that tape cover was fun, but it was also a bit of a challenge. That weird Muppet reminds me of Red Fraggle.
@Oly-RRR: Thank you!! There were so many terrible videos coming out back then. I’m glad you got a laugh out of it, I was giggling like an idiot when I was doing them!

BABY COP! They’re a baby...AND a cop! How does that work? Oh, whatever, it’s Hollywood.
Hahah, I was thinking about Air Bud and all 800 million of its tangentially-related sequels while doing this page, but I had to limit how many covers I did. I’m just about done with the next page, so you’ll get to see the cinematic masterpiece he picks out pretty soon!
Gideon is probably regretting his decision to run out of his car and grab the box of old tapes that were sitting at the edge of someone's yard on garbage day.

For this page, I was thinking about crappy 90s movies that nobody remembers. Y'know, the ones that may have been hugely popular back then, but the demand for them is nonexistent these days and now they're sitting in the bargain bin at Goodwill. Not even the hardcore tapeheads want them.

September 16th, 2018
What a ray of sunshine he was! Lol, sounds like a real prick. Good on you for going the distance to prove him wrong! I’m really liking the misty, isolated feeling these establishing shots have. Makes it feel like this house may be one of the few left on earth. And the fields look so serene, it almost looks normal...until you see the tricloptic cat. What a cute kitty! Anyway, it’s really nice to see another artist doing great work using traditional media! I’m looking forward to seeing more! Keep proving that dudebro wrong. :3
@Oly-RRR: Thank yoooou!!! :3 I wanted that ice cream to look both appetizing and nauseating at the same time. So much tooth-rotting goodness in one place.

The thing about Gideon is that it seems like he dropped in from another time. He just doesn’t sync with modern times at all. Not all of those tapes are VHS, either— he might even be stuck with Betamax. And same! I have such fond memories of old-skool tech, even though it had flaws. There was something special about waiting to see all the photos you took with your disposable camera and coming home with a big stack of tapes from the video store. I even have funny memories of getting annoyed when the VHS tracking was off or when the computer slowed way down when I was trying to print something I drew in Kid Pix. I’m definitely guilty of being one of those overly-nostalgic people, but I am very grateful for this generation’s technology. Now that we have all these ridiculously advanced devices available to the general public at affordable prices, it’s fun to be able to explore the things that came before iPhones and WiFi.

And thank you!! :D This little comic accidentally turned into something bigger!
oh no baby what is you doing???

In which we learn that Gideon 's sweet tooth is completely out of control.

Look at that old console TV! VHS is still the norm for the technology in this world, but Gideon's television is dated even for their time.

I have decided that I'm going to take a break from Q+A comics after completing "Midnight Snack" so that I can finish Chapter 1. I've inked all of them and now they are ready to color. I apologize for taking so long between updates; I'm learning as I go and I've realized how important is to have a backlog of completed pages. I will return to answering your questions after I have completed chapter 1.

There's still a few pages left in this minicomic!
@Oly-RRR: Thank you!! :3 The challenge of this page was getting the setting to look musty and tired without making it unpleasant to look at. I’m glad that it’s coming across!

Gideon keeps his house relatively clean, but he does have a lot of crap piled up in forgotten corners. And you’re right, he does have to clear out a lot of junk before he can get the drawers open! My mom’s house is like that, you can’t open a drawer without it getting jammed on something inside.
This little comic was done as a response to the question, "What is Gideon's favorite ice cream flavor?" I was giggling like an idiot the whole time I was drawing that stoned-out moose.

Man, this first page gave me all sorts of trouble. Originally, this comic was supposed to be in black and white, but it turned out REALLY BAD, so I ended up redoing it. Incidentally, this comic is going to be the first instance in which I render parts of Gideon's house in color. When I was in high school, I did draw several of the rooms in his home, but I only worked in monochrome back then...not to mention the fact that my skill levels weren't where I wanted them to be. Like I said in that last comic, it's a...surreal feeling to finally be able to see with my own eyes the world I've kept locked up in my head for years and years. Now you'll get to see it, too! 'Tis what I always wanted.

The short hiatus is ending! The page updates will likely be a bit random until I start posting the remainder of chapter 1, but there won't be a month-long break between uploads this time.
@Oly-RRR: That would be a really fun idea for a short comic, actually! POULTERCOP. Hahaha, you’d go from a despondent, bloodied ghost who wanders around looking sad, all the way down to the other end of the spectrum with a poultergeist throwing things around and vandalizing random objects.
And then he’ll go to Liecester’s house and light his stove on fire.

And you’re welcome! <3 <3

Great, I'm looking forward to it! <3 Take your time, your pages always turn out great and it's a real treat to see them in my inbox!
Nooooo Liecester, you’re not useless! You even saved the Queen from ninjas and everything! But really, when things go wrong, it can be difficult to keep from blaming yourself for all of it, even when there’s no logical reason to feel that way. Poor guy, he needs a hug. Also, I love the way his belly compresses when he’s hunched over!

Hahaha, idiot cola, I wonder if Kane is the one who added that little detail, seeing as he has no qualms about scratching profanity onto doors!

And I don’t think Kane is going to be hearing the end of it, now that he’s done more than just bump into Nutter...

And I’m loving these more frequent updates! Looks like the batching is doing well for you!!! <3