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Hey guys, I'm MysticCosmog, No idea when ill start posting, but I have a yt as well.
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Would be interesting to see Keldeo and an Absol involved
@Nabi: Maybe an Asian man gets killed...... again
You blood broke the car
Like the Easter egg
I live that Links wearing his Hyrule Warriors scarf
@Phoenix : Thats probably the best pirate I've ever seen
@Malc Modnar: just stop....please.....
I know
It's flying bird found in forest in America
Fun Fact
Moana means water, k bye
This is already better
So much better then the anime.
Art Style test
New Image available of what I plan to use as an art style, picture of blaze, and TYA1 coming soon
Release date confirmed
Something is Coming 3.30.18
The first image is out, what are we seeing, guess
When you realize it was an April Fools joke
Arceus is like Hello loser
During one of the village scenes
@IllusionZoroark: You can see Avis, to confirm this, the author puts in the description of that page Avis from Phantom Cat
New page, great art, and FIRST
That Moment
@PhantomCat I just realized something, you make one of my favourite comics, then comment on the other, you know, PMD Victory Fire, with the Avis cameo