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Mega Mudkip
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Seems as though someone's a bit jealous
Kinda confused at first, till i realized where they were at
Something tells me she's gonna remind glaceon about their "deal"
Leafy just leaves them alone, but shuts the door hard
Kill or be killed. Is yellow. Knows a lot more than he lets on. Wonder who that would be
What about the alolan raichu? No ones talking about that
Also,imagine someone you hated decided to take you out for lunch, while talking about staying for the person that they love. They start talking about dating,and learning more about each other. Then you see couples outside. How would a normal person not sense that this is a huge hint
Maybe after the flashback ends?
It's love, as in leafeon
Your not wrong, this is when lazuli thought "Hey, he isn't as bad as I thought"
This is when glaceon starts liking jolteon....or at least when this flashback is over
Remember when in deviant art Lazuli was talking about when speedy stayed home with her instead of the beach? This is the story
Gai:I know that you like my sister...
I know this is late, but speedy did notice Lazuli(or however you spell it) blushing whenever she saw him
That is true, so I won't argue
Well jolteon knows that glaceon likes him, so it's kinda pointless
I'm one hundred percent sure that the next one will be about Sylveon telling glaceon that jolteon has a crush on her
Cause you know she will
So when is Sylveon gonna tell glaceon that jolteon thinks she's cute
So that jolteon knows the secret, I wonder how he will act.... Probably the same