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Hello there, guys and girls!
Welcome to my profile. ^w^

Since my name and age both are visible above, I will tell you about what I do in my spare time, instead.

I am what you would call all-round creative. I draw, paint, write novels, short stories and fanfictions, make jewelry and cards - and much more~ ^^

I have periods for my hobbies; meaning that some weeks I almost only draw, and some weeks I almost only write or do something else. This is why I have no particular pattern in which I update my mangas. Therefore, I may update often in some periods while not updating in others. Please, bear with me -- I hate forcing myself into drawing when I do not have the inspiration.

If you are interested in my drawings or fanfictions:

My drawings:
My fan fictions:

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Holy moly, du tegner, så englene synger. Det er virkelig så smukt! Er lidt ked af, at din hjemmeside ikke er helt oppe endnu, for jeg bliver nødt til at se flere af dine smukke værker! <3
@Manga-Ka: Yes, and I'm so sorry for it! ><
This was on my pc for some time, until I was ready to submit page 4. Now that I have, you can have them all at once :P
This was on my pc for some time, until I was ready to submit page 4. Now that I have, you can have them all at once :P
Had page this one lying around for so long, waiting to be finished. But I realized that it probably never will (the amount of details are killing me!), so for this page you will get the raw version ^^;
I have been looking for this comic for YEARS! I'm so glad to have found it again <3
(If I remember correctly, however, there used to be an ending. It seems some pages are missing..?)
I'd say, this makes a wonderful short comic, but I actually think it would make an even better prologue. I'd love to see this comic continued, where Lawrence would be the main character with scars on his soul because of his lover's death.
Oh well, just an idea~ ;3
Oh God, I love love LOVE your comic! The story is nice, the art is amazing, and everything is enjoyable in general. I just have a few questions:

1: Why does Rei have the ability to kill when he is the vessel of the antidote/healing? I'd understand if he accidentally healed/cured people he touched, but kill? I don't quite see why. He isn't one of the 100 Viruses...?

2: 100 people with the ability and desire to kill with a single touch should be able to wipe out a good portion of the entire population within no time. Then why haven't they?

I'm looking forward to an update and a reply ;)
She has a personal assistant to help her with dressing and stuff.
And even though she is unable to see herself, she still wishes to seem appealing to others :) (therefore the painted nails and lolita outfit)
Please just put a notice here on Smackjeeves once you are ready to sell the manga, okay? ^__^
Makes me wonder just WHO will be the uke in this pairing...
I cannot wait to find out how it ends! -^__^-
I humbly apologize for not updating this. It was merely a question about laziness... -.-

So, I have been working on this for some hours, and when I was done, Photoshop began acting weird, and I was SO afraid that it would close down without saving so that I would have to start over again... Luckily, it did not ^^

I hope to get the next 3-4 pages up during the next week...

I hope you still enjoy this comic~ ^^
I'm crying now TT____TT
It was so sad, yet so sweet and beautiful. This manga will remain in my mind forever, I'm sure of it ÓwÒ
I think I am just as addicted to this comic as Audri is to H... -I- just don't plan on going on a rehab! x3

I look forward to read the next page...
Why is Inma so hot!?
Damn, girl XD
He looks just even better with those black sunglasses of his >w>

Your art simply is amazing. I have so much respect for you! <3
If Jack just caused David to grow a permanent erection, I would not be surprised, 'cause DAMN, that was sexual tension that kicks @$$! XD

*fangirl over and out!~*
Ends? TT___TT
Sounds like that is going to happen very soon... -.-
I am SOOO entering! OwO
I like the first place prize x3
(Though I bet I won't ever stand a chance against the pro's in here :/
I'll still try, though)
When is the deadline? ^^
Phew! I have been working on this page for about 8-9 hours now. When it takes that long time making a page, I really should reconsider whether I really SHOULD keep lining the pages digitally - or I should just line them by hand...
What do you think?

Anyways, I promised you something not-black - and here it is. I hope you like it, folks ^^