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I'm just some random guy who really loves Pokemon, like...ALOT. X3
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Well, if there's a Plus side to least they're not reluctantly working for villains. (Although I have a feeling they may come later in this chapter.)
"Harmless Fun"

Suuuure, Reece. XD
She could've really used those lessons man.
I'm tempted to put a Robbie Rotten Meme quote here.
But I'm not sure if that would be polite.
Me likey the new building design.~
Oh, No, No, No, No, No, No....
*Bursts Out Laughing*
I feel you Grace.
I really really do. XD
Truthfully he's quite relatable. Classes are Booooorrring!~
*Sighs Deeply*
Oh be still my beating heart...The Memories are flooding back to me now.~