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I thought the same thing hvac, except according to continuity, Duo is currently acting as Samus's armor.
Auto is a mad scientist. As he gets frustrated he can't understand Tango, he will program him to speak English so h3e can.
Copy X?
Now Kalinka needs to kiss Gemerl to wake him up, then they beat the bad, then they erase the entire storyline from history.

That's how he brings bass back while making fun of 2006.
Something is up.

I know this because Ryan didn't comment, most likely because he feared giving something away.
Yeah, but Bass and treble can still merge.
that's clearly a typo. it should but shouldn't.
December 14th, 2009
15 people? but you had like 130 something fans!

Had you I been paying you, i would be very upset. However, since this is something you do in your spare time, i am just sad to see the old story end, but i look forward to anything else you have to show us.
My Money's on Buzz and Joe's awkward relationship breaking the illusion
That's actually a myth, you catch more with vinegar than honey. I have tested this with fruit flies, though never with house flies...
"What do we have at our disposal?"
"your Brains, his strength, and my steel"
"Well, we can't win with just that. If only we had a robe and a wheelbarrel"
"Oh, we do have that"
"then why wasn't it listed the first time?"
Is he checking out her ass as she runs by a second time?
Well, since knuckles and metaknight have shown up............
Inverted song of time, for those of you who played Majora's mask
So, wait, is this finally conformation that he is, in fact, a Muppet?
She just doesn't think she's his girlfriend because she's an anime girl. They NEVER realize their in love with the boy. Matt, however, doesn't have that problem.
Why can't MY girlfriend be a ninja?
I did the same thing a few days back.....

Does this put me on the same level as Wigglytuff?

Also, why isn't the comment box on the main site loading?
Ashura= more viscious than sonic
Sonic-> easily beat Zero
Zero->beat leviathan

I think the outcome shouldn't be too hard to figure out.