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Hi! My name's Rachel, I really enjoy drawing and finding my own style! I like anime, books, writing, doodling(As said-), cats, and more things I don't feel like typing... Hehe, anyway... I hope you enjoy my work! :)
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    Rachel Duffy
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Good God I love this already-
December 20th, 2018
Count me in on this comic! I look forward to seeing what happens next!
A pretty much scrapped idea for a comic.
I know I'm never gonna actually do the comic, but I love them so much💕
Hopefully the GIF works,
but I dunno.
So I'm piecing together a series, and I may make this a character...
Mama Tea
Papa Caramel
Child Milk and Coffee
Uncles Lemon, Lime, and Cocoa
Aunt- Oh um, never mind, still Uncle Strawberry
I got tired of seeing the same stuff on here.
I ended up having to rush on the background because it looks like crap 👌
Late congrats to 1,000 pages!
@Guest: Hh, I know, right?
"Chief Buck Teef," said by Prickly Pair Mouf
@Ilovetacos: Aw, thank you! <3
@ultrawandit: a h
Thank you
Getting better at cats
Was gonna make him Marshmallow but the shape didn't work.
Pusheen knockoffs
And Lime looks better too, good boi
Don't want to get cat hair in the cakes
I don't know why
but I love this idea so much.
@Stroops: I don't know ( ͡°ω ͡°)
I love Egypt, decided to make my own God!