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Well i just found this site. Been playing the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series since the first.
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looks like my ship might just sail.
this confirms it. I would never entrust my life to this scum deer.
Wow never have I read a comic with a more unlikable main character. Wish her all the misery in the world.
February 23rd, 2019
protective brother instinct is over 9000
Dang this reboot is dark.
This might not end well.
Okay now i ship it.
Not sure if I should be suspicious or "I totally ship it"
I have a HUGE shipping problem to many years on the internet. Sometimes you need to call your friends out on their BS what a good friend does "look i love ya, but you screwed up."
Can't to wait to read from home.
@MQBlade: Fell ya college has been busy for me to.
god just kiss already
How long do you think it will be till someone ships polka and skitter
@Truefan108: Okie Dokie Lokie
And then they accidentally kiss-uh i mean great page....