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Oh man, I like this serious shift
I appreciate that you still deliver despite being drained, I hope that life gets a bit less draining as time goes by. Best of luck
I appreciate that portrayal of force palm, very unique
Oooo, it's about time
Very intriguing, and I'm glad you've made the money you've needed to. Keep it up!
I've finally caught up with this, though it was really just me marathoning this series in a couple days. I didn't expect so much lore xD
The expression is on point xD
This is so incredible and odd
I very much like this lore segment, very enjoyable
Ha, sandgem town
Interesting :o
Ah you keep spoiling us xD Looks awesome as always
I'm loving April 1st xD
Very pretty :D
Backstory is lovely :)
Exciting :D