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Having checked out your PMD series, I've decided to give this a go too :D It seems just as lovely, and the art just feels so stunning at times. Please keep it up c:
I just have to say that I truly adore this art style. Irresistibly cute. I also wish the best of luck with your classes! I'm 16 myself and I tend to let stuff just pile up, heheh
I've caught up! This looks seriously great! Very exciting!
Damn, Mewtwo's really messed up. :(
Oooo, more speech physically coming from Mewtwo, eh? Very cool!
I love the determination in Jen.

I'm still in deep anticipation, keep it up.
What expressive characters :D

So delighted with this project so far, it was a shock to come across it.
I've finally caught up with this 6-year-old piece of fantastic work over a little marathon I've forced myself to endure.

I'm so very excited, this work is so very grand and enticing.

I feel it was the perfect time for me to marathon such a work as well. It really does seem like great point to feel all that extra anticipation at such an uncertain and alluring moment.

And as another user has mentioned, if a paper copy existed... I would be so absolutely complete, haha.

Hoo you've got me so excited, heheh :D