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Lightning Lad
To any of my friends looking at this profile, I've given up spriting. I might come back to it, but that's a BIG might. Contact with me is still available, though. Just send me a PM and I'll respond.

Also to anyone who cares, I've got a storyline for LL that I don't really want to go to waste, but I can't bring myself to do it. If anyone does it, they'll have the right to use my characters at any time.
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    That would reveal my secret identity, now would it?
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Oh hey
I just realized that I'm still loved around here *cries some more*
I swear
Each time I visit this place there's always someone trying to revive it.

It brings a smile to my face *cries*
Well then do it
Happy B-day
I would have given you hats, but your bottle of scrumpy is occupying your time a whole lot more recently, so...
I wish we had a horse.
I looooooooooooove horses.
Lightning Lad
September 10th, 2010
It's Sep. 10
Where's my pills?!


(still doesn't know if LL's still in this)
Don't have MSN, sorry. Maybe I'll haunt xat too, but that's a big maybe. Big maybe because I got a new laptop months ago and yet again got reset. So friend stalking and getting into members only chats will prove difficult lol
This place is still alive? (still haunts SJ)
Anyways, if some of you didn't already notice, I'm done with spriting. So I'll just resign here. But since I love you guys so much, I'll leave LL and Dark LL here for you guys to use. But apparently he's dead now so FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

(Read this if you care) Contact with me is still available through SJ PMs or on Steam. Also, I have a script for a really cool LL comic(imo). Whoever does it for me (probably none of you D:>) gets rights to use LL and Dark LL in any of their comics.

Also, why in god's name is my Weegee button that leads to Spytech still up there?
Doh hoh hoh
That slaps me on the knee
I'd update
but my free time is very little

if you haven't already noticed, I'm on a SJ break (did anyone even know I was gone?) until I have more time to actually do something productive here
I feel so loved :'D
I also have witness sumoning powers
feer meh >:(
SMF apparently doesn't want to talk to us ever again.
Does this mean this comic is over?
lol nice comic, Blitz
I made Xbox's elvis hair btw :D
what's up with S.L's eyes in some panels?
I smell a Nostalgia Critic reference
Needs more elvis hair.
Blitz: Then you may use my sprites for the cameo.
Are you guys accepting cameos?
Just wondering.
Didn't I say no more memes posted here?
I would hate to see the day that this comic just becomes a host for memes.
Reason I'm not deleting these is because I lack permission to do so(though when SMF's Comics joined, it was given full permissions, I feel unloved ;_;). I think fans are going to be pissed if we keep posting memes here. Feel free to correct me, though.