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Not that young, meaniebutts. D:
No scanner + no tablet + no online drawy thing = no comics. Sadface.
This looks so amazing! I looove this page, completely. <3 Makes me smile. Maya's expression... :3
August 28th, 2008
NOOO. SCAN MOAR. *rawr* Buy moar scanz-maker? ;^;
I love this comic~ <3
Aww, I wish I had the imaginativity to doodle like he can...
Awwr. I like hiiiimmmm. <3 First time I saw Vashir, that's what I did. I ouldn't control it, it just... happened. At like two-thirty in the morning. People were probably like, "Ohemgee whuuut. ...*sleep~*" MY VOICE HAS A MIND OF MY OWN I SWEAR. D:
Sevennn dayyyssss....
No, mommeh, noooo~ ;^;
Holy crud that's a lot of text Aishiru. o_o;
He could come in handy... o:
GO, KORYU. You're the smex! >:D
Fear of sharp objects. <3
I have belenophobia, it's no good. :[