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Hello there! I go by Kaida. I'm a digital artist and am just beginning to work on my very first comic, PMD: Restoring the Balance. If it wasn't obvious, I am very much obsessed with videogames, especially Pokémon and the Mystery Dungeon series. Hopefully my stuff will be at least mildly entertaining~
@comercole: Haha, I saw! Super excited for when it's released. No idea which starter I'll end up choosing yet. Thinking Grookey, but that will very likely change XD
@Random guest: Same here, pal, same here :')
@Lokitheveganswampert666: Ooh, if I didn't already have a name picked out, those would be nice. I don't know if they are referencing anything, but I especially like Ichigo.
@comercole: Yeah, updates still might not be fully regular, but I've got more free time now, so I should be able to get them out a little quicker now! I appreciate it!
Believe it or not, I finished this page on Monday XD I just.... forgot to post it... whoops.
Also, here's where I make people unhappy-- Y'all don't get a name yet. :P Mah comic, mah rules!
I have my own little reason for this, so you'll all have to just suffer c:
Good news though: back to some fresh scenery next page
@Guest: Ah, thank you for pointing that out! I'll fix that right away~
About time, amirite?
Heh... heheh…. heh...….
Long time, no post! Sorry for the insanely long hiatus. Definitely disappeared for like two months there.

Apologies for such the long wait! While I can't really promise consistent updates since I'm doing this as a hobby and need to focus on other things like school and family issues, I can promise that this comic won't die any time soon :P
PMD is basically my life, so I'll always be doing something related to it (i just sometimes get distracted from major projects like this... o.o)
I can say that I'm going to try to stay on top of things more now! (key word: "try" XD) I'll probably just be posting pages when I finish them for a bit until I find that I can get back on a schedule.

Thanks to everyone who has been patient with me so far! You all make my day XD
@Yaboi: Man, that artist really needs to get their act together
I really like this page's expressions a lot! Loc in that bottom panel is so good
Let's go for Round 2 of the battle! XD
@comercole: Ooh, awesome! The 21st is my last day before break. It's definitely nice to be able to go back home for the holidays.
@Truefan108: Slowly but surely getting to a name! :') (Taking a little longer than most comics would, and for a lame reason of my own.)
Thank you for your patience though! It's relieving to hear.
@DarkFlameOSecrets: *insert 'You Can't If You Don't' meme here*
@SpinHina21: Thank you, Eszter! I appreciate it a lot.
@Brown#2: Thank you! I'm really glad to hear that you're enjoying it so far!
Oof. Sorry for the late pages. Didn't really think about the fact that it's finals time o.o Good news is winter break will be coming up, which means more drawing time! Still have to wait two weeks for that though...
I see that you did decide to post here after all! I'll have to check out your other comics soon too XD (I'll also have to leave little comments now and then here too :P) As always, the backgrounds still look amazing! I really enjoy the hard-colored shading you use. It makes the panels look really crisp.
@JollySyko: Indeed c:
@TerrytheTeryx: Oh XD Oh no... Faba… I literally just finished the main story of Sun yesterday. This is concerning to me XD Hopefully Azelf will look a little less..... pompous in the future :P
Tired so I'm calling this page good enough o.o Another fun little void scene... [sarcastic "yaaaayyyyy…."]
These two have a good start though :D
(I also have to figure out how to draw Azelf now...)
Can't wait to redo the prologue already XD Once I get better at drawing people, I'm going to redo these first seven pages since I can't stand looking at them. I won't redo much of this comic, since I like seeing my progression, but these pages are gonna have to change!