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Hello there! I go by Kaida. I'm a digital artist and am just beginning to work on my very first comic, PMD: Restoring the Balance. If it wasn't obvious, I am very much obsessed with videogames, especially Pokémon and the Mystery Dungeon series. Hopefully my stuff will be at least mildly entertaining~
@Hoi: Thank you! XD Glad to be back into it!
I'm impatient... I'm going to post this today instead of Monday, you're welcome XD
(I have a comic page finished and scheduled for next week too! We really are back!)
I may be a week later than I promised.... But at least we're back! Sorry for the long hiatus. Back on schedule now! A little boring of a page to come back on, BUT AT LEAST IT'S MOVING! I'm thankful that none of you have been too upset with the long wait (at least haven't blown up about it publicly)… I appreciate you all a lot! Just uh... don't take anything I saw too seriously I guess...
@comercole: Super sorry about lack of activity! The comic isn't dead though, no worries! Update next Monday actually and things should be back on schedule. Just had been super busy lately.
@YaBoiHoodie: Super sorry about that! Everything is all good here! Just have been super busy these past weeks. I meant to make an announcement earlier, but I'll be starting up pages again next Monday! I posted updates on my DeviantArt and tumblr, but forgot to here... Super sorry about that! I appreciate the patience though!
Ooh! This looks really nice so far!!! I'm excited to see more from you if you decide to continue this for a while~
Don't worry about a changing style also! Making comics is a good way to practice your skills! I wish you luck on future pages!
@orgostevani: Serene Village is one of the main places in PSMD if that's what you were thinking? I actually forgot about that when naming this forest though, so the resemblance in names was unintentional o.o Sorry to cause confusion with it XD
I mean... It's technically still Monday my time! 11:45 pm when it's posted :D... Yeah... Um... Sorry about not posting last week. It was completely my fault. Some week in the future, I'll give a double update to make up for it! If ever there is a week skipped for whatever reason, that will be the plan to keep up to schedule.
I really like the backgrounds on this page! The sand especially looks really nice. The teleporting effects are also perfect XD Nice work on this page!
Oh, boy. That can't be good... o.o And don't worry yourself about the page being late! Take care of yourself first~
@Nashew: Thank you so much! I'm glad you have been enjoying it so far!
Tip: Don't procrastinate on pages. They end up taking longer than you expect XD
@comercole: Basically :P
Rune is so cute in this newer style! Malachi too! I'm really curious about Maelstrom now and how they're connected to Malachi. Been loving the comic!
@Truefan108: I mean, he sure is going to figure it out soon enough if not :P
@Oblivion Umbreon: Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying it so far!
@That1Geek: I agree with that too! They seem to accept that fact in what seems like just moments, which I always found a little strange :P While I don't want this scene to necessarily drag out, I also feel like it shouldn't take five seconds for the character to be fine with everything XD

And thank you for that! I'm glad people have been enjoying the expressions I've been drawing since it's something I'm trying to improve on~
I'm really curious about this new voice now o.o Sounds like Flame isn't too appreciative of it :P
Ugh, I also realized I hadn't been typing my link in the corner correctly on any of these pages XD That's fixed too, so now it should be the right one.