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Hello there! I go by Kaida. I'm a digital artist and am just beginning to work on my very first comic, PMD: Restoring the Balance. If it wasn't obvious, I am very much obsessed with videogames, especially Pokémon and the Mystery Dungeon series. Hopefully my stuff will be at least mildly entertaining~
The comic has been looking amazing so far! I love the designs you give every Pokémon. I always enjoy when creators take a more realistic approach~
Penny's reactions are always great too XD Perhaps at some point she will grow used to seeing crazy giant beasts wherever she goes
@MercenaryX: The words say 'clay,' 'void,' 'voice,' 'fire,' 'ancient,' and 'beginning' ^^
I'm in love with this art style! The cover is what caught my attention to this comic, and I am so glad it did! The expressions are fantastic!
I'm really intrigued by this comic's setting: a world where humans and AIs live in unison. There has obviously been a lot of thought put into this world's history and background too! By that I mean, seeing the opposing side not view AIs as equals has really made this universe come alive. It makes it more believable I guess, and it definitely makes it more interesting.
I'm rambling a bit, but I just wanted to say that this comic was extremely fun to catch up on and I'm very invested in the characters! I think Rodger is my favorite so far XD Super excited to see what direction this comic takes in the future!
@Guest: I knew this comment would appear at some point... XD
@WriterRaven: Thank you! I'm glad you like her design~
@comercole: Nickname for 'Winifred' ^^
@comercole: Haha, I saw! Super excited for when it's released. No idea which starter I'll end up choosing yet. Thinking Grookey, but that will very likely change XD
@Random guest: Same here, pal, same here :')
@Lokitheveganswampert666: Ooh, if I didn't already have a name picked out, those would be nice. I don't know if they are referencing anything, but I especially like Ichigo.
@comercole: Yeah, updates still might not be fully regular, but I've got more free time now, so I should be able to get them out a little quicker now! I appreciate it!
Believe it or not, I finished this page on Monday XD I just.... forgot to post it... whoops.
Also, here's where I make people unhappy-- Y'all don't get a name yet. :P Mah comic, mah rules!
I have my own little reason for this, so you'll all have to just suffer c:
Good news though: back to some fresh scenery next page
@Guest: Ah, thank you for pointing that out! I'll fix that right away~
About time, amirite?
Heh... heheh…. heh...….
Long time, no post! Sorry for the insanely long hiatus. Definitely disappeared for like two months there.

Apologies for such the long wait! While I can't really promise consistent updates since I'm doing this as a hobby and need to focus on other things like school and family issues, I can promise that this comic won't die any time soon :P
PMD is basically my life, so I'll always be doing something related to it (i just sometimes get distracted from major projects like this... o.o)
I can say that I'm going to try to stay on top of things more now! (key word: "try" XD) I'll probably just be posting pages when I finish them for a bit until I find that I can get back on a schedule.

Thanks to everyone who has been patient with me so far! You all make my day XD
@Yaboi: Man, that artist really needs to get their act together
I really like this page's expressions a lot! Loc in that bottom panel is so good
Let's go for Round 2 of the battle! XD
@comercole: Ooh, awesome! The 21st is my last day before break. It's definitely nice to be able to go back home for the holidays.
@Truefan108: Slowly but surely getting to a name! :') (Taking a little longer than most comics would, and for a lame reason of my own.)
Thank you for your patience though! It's relieving to hear.
@DarkFlameOSecrets: *insert 'You Can't If You Don't' meme here*
@SpinHina21: Thank you, Eszter! I appreciate it a lot.