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I'm making a long list of entry's from with an inception date to each for fun, the ones who do fit into SFC standards anyway.
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@Guest: Yessi: I like a good name, it fits her very well. I hope she plays a great game in this special season.

Sorry about that.
Sagittaria: I'm starting to like the past version of Ria more than the future-self. She could learn a lot from her own past, and that's a good thing.

Shin: I don't know, he might come off as an under the radar player if he plays his cards right.

Sprinkles: A dose of cuteness can get you very far into the game. But I could be wrong this season and she could go home from the beginning to the early merge. (What can I say, it's a game full of blindsides and I love to see one in person.)

???: You're telling me that Deimos is going to go from a demigod to a teenager who doesn't go with a new name, like all the other Atlas members, which would make him isolate himself from the rest of his tribe or no the entire cast on DAY 1. That's a stupid thing to do! He's well dressed for a young man at his age, but is he going to survive if he doesn't tell anyboby why he won't say his name?
Lady Bit: Already, I'm getting some bad vibes from her. "getting the most out of people" ; "exploiting others for her game" Doesn't sound okay to do things for yourself. Thankfully, her archetype tends to lose or go home before they get too unpleasant, so I wouldn't have to worry about her for much longer.

Nayla: The past version of Ernest is a girl. A girl with no patience for authoritarians. Interesting. If she gets into trouble, she could find a way to get out. It worked so far with Gekkota, could work with her as well here.

Nolaa: Now here's a villain I can tolerate, if she could make the merge that would be great. However this comic has a way to make an early blindside to great villains happen, so I wouldn't be surprised if it happens to her this season.

Ria: She's a nice girl but I'm not going to root for someone who doesn't get their shit together. Only the ones with a winning strategy. Her best shot of bravery boost is by getting encouragement words from someone else.
Ethan: He's gonna do well in my opinion whether he keeps to himself or not. I'll bet that he makes the jury.

Frysk: I'm confident to say that this guy is good enough to make the merge. The question is can he watch his own back from this point like the other physical threats?

Kasai: Oh, he's gotta go.

Kitsunie: I've got faith in him, because he seems like the type of guy that can go all the way to the endgame due to having nothing bad to say to anybody and doing whatever they want (Spongebob, Lola, Ky...). Now that the subject's out of the way, I have a personal question to ask: Is he a crossdresser ? Because I'm puzzled by how he looks like a girl in his picture.
Claire: I have no idea if she really has a chance out there but we'll see.

Clarissa: Like Ollie said if she's egotistical/awesome she has a shot, but if she's more of an egotistical/flop, than bye bye.

Deimos: Dude, if a huge titan like him belongs in a past tribe, then what would he look like in the future?


Ernest: A politician in the beloved "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" series? I don't know if that will work, but it makes me wonder. What did he used to be before he became one?
Hold on, if what you say is true, then we're just witnessing nine new people. That's not big enough. So if we all agree that someone from the past could change it's way of thinking and it's outlook on life when it becomes someone from the future. Then that someone can become two different people thanks to a time gap.

Which means in this season, time turns nine people into eighteen: 9*2=18. Is this where you got the idea?
Did not expect the new season to take place in the Portal world. I hope he holds Hyrule Kingdom in his heart for a future season. It's that or he could take us to another surprise location like Hogwards: School of witchcraft and wizardry.
I didn't know Ollie was a lesbian icon.
I've seen that last question somewhere in the comments section.
My viewer question has been chosen at the end of this part? Awesome! :D

#1 To Charity: Whose side are you on outside the game? U.A. High or the League of Villains?

#2 To Naomi: When did you decide to become a spirit medium?

#3 To Amadeus: Are there any features we didn't know about conserning the EX-MACHINA?

#4 To Quickscope: How's your new gaming experience coming along?

#5 To Nezumi: Can you understand what any other mice are talking about when you turn into one? If so can you also communicate with them so that you can make some teamwork?
Who's got the most thunder in SFC17?
If I have to watch this entire season I would tell that the six most influential players from the jury to the champion's placement would be:

Derek < Kade < Jeannie < Jenny < Josh < Ollie
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: His questions did say a lot about Jenny's game I'll give him that.
Something tells me that SWSU-Master was hoping for this, when he came up with the ideas for this season.
And now for some quick opinions on the final three's opening statements. Here I go:

Ollie: Brutal honesty (Being a jerk) at the jury just like that? Okay.

Jenny: Why did you just lie to a jury? aka A GROUP OF PLAYERS THAT WATCHED YOU AND KNOW HOW YOU PLAYED THIS ENTIRE GAME? You should know better than that, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Josh: Leave the confrontation of questionable statements to the jury Mr Nice Guy. You're supposed to tell everyone about yourself, not start a fight just because you heard a bunch a lies from someone else. Since you didn't bother doing your part in the FTC you ended up wasting your time. If you don't cut your self-entitlement crap in the jury questioning you'll get no mercy from me.
I think Kade has Jeannie's fake ring in the last panel. I'm looking forward for his reactions at Tribal Council.
Man, I was hoping the fake ring transfer would happen at the challenge but Kade only lost immunity. Please don't keep me in suspense.
Alright, it's time to think. Jeannie has a fake ring and the real ring in her possession and the main thing she has to do when Kade gets close to her is she has to fool him into stealing her fake ring. And then she'll give him the slip, while he wastes his time making a wish that he won't be granted BECAUSE FAKE RING. Her chances of succeding or failing are split up into 50/50, but I guess we'll see if she wins when immunity comes.
@Marimo1: Oh right, my bad I forgot. I should have realized that if noboby could claim an idol before it gets broken than nobody can get a penalty vote. So I take back what I said before. Ollie is definitely safe in 4-3 this round.
But by breaking an idol Ollie just got a penalty vote for the next tribal councils until the moment the idol gets expired. That means Kade's side just got an additional fourth vote to tie with Ollie's numbers at the final 7. Ollie will need to win immunity if he wants to prevent having four votes thrown against him.