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derp man
i like waffles

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@Guest: you should be.
You are Very observant little 'vee
Oh hey first fan.
That face is derpy, I like it.
Waoh I must be having deja vu, but now in HD!
@Your Local Ghost King: they all have "inherit" on there master eevee list section. So whatever that means, they have that in common.
@Pinkeevee222: something else they have in common, inherit.
Idk what that means tho
derp man
January 6th, 2019
Very good! Can't wait for more! Yes I am reading this at 2 am.
Hey! Spooky ghost lady! Halloween is that away, got it?
@Joey :D: I have a name you know.
Ahh, classic blizz.
Probably within this chapter, not sure though.
Hrrm... the image Isn't available.
Sorry but, the 2nd speech bubble in panel 4 is not grammatically correct.

Idk why but that felt weird to type...
I feel a spiritual connection between me and this comment...
derp man
August 27th, 2018
@peachbeach: honestly idk
Oh dear...
woah cool!
yay its back!
derp man
August 20th, 2018