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The comment's a bit confusing now that i read it again (sorry). I thought it was a cameo to chitty chitty bang bang but i just checked the "purple scene" i remembered and is nothing, so goodevening?
is this purple thing related to the fact that the royal court of Vulgaria is purple or im just triping again?
Come to think of it they where big crushes back then.
Not even 1000 yet? pfff what a wimp.
@Annabeld: Im deeply sorry for your loss.
Drunk Howie is so sexy and cute. I bet Sooch has the same opinion.
What can possibly be wrong about getting a jar of jam from a magic plant? Oh wait, i know, you can't smoke de jar.
Miss Keisha? Miss Keisha!
She's a what.
You made me swallow my gum
in my head this is a vine reference
When athours that you like comment in other comics the you like
chapter covers ended on monday!? Unexpected
Thats what ive been wondering about too
Well, i wonder when the chapter covers end..Oh wait.
December 8th, 2018
Well, I cant argue with that
Freud alert, i repeat, FREUD ALERT
@Enter_Sickness: Sure thing comrade, but a little bromance never hurt nobody.