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Ultra Gear
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New guy!
@HM2000: good nose
Chapter 4: The Solar Dragon!
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@ShaRose49: thanks :D but in case you wanna interact with other readers you can check out the other sites
@ShaRose49: i dont have much commenters here coz I started slow, I have a much better fanbase in tapas and webtoons you'd have more interactions with fellow readers there. :)
did this one for straight 8 hours, just one sitting lol.
@HM2000: thanks for telling :D
@ShaRose49: he just wanna be loved.
Thanks! mmm
Thank you!, motion lines/ Speed lines are so tiriing to do >_<
@guardian79: Thanks! that's the ultimate goal :)
I wish more people would notice more manga like mine in smackjeeves lol.
Introducing Lily!
@HM2000: Oh hey! first comment!