Martina McKenzie's in the house,Y'all!
Let us raise the roof! :U

<This part is still under reconstruction,Sorry>
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@wad: It's actually Awfully withough the space but I can't write that small,but yeye,very nice :V
@SimpleSauce: It's the best solution to all of the universe's problems :V
@Wondermuffin06: And not in the good way! :V
@Simplesauce I'd rather choose the secret combination X-X-O-O-Triangle-Square-Triangle: Panic like a distressed baby seal and stand up against your parents.
Welcome back my child!
@GalacticSodaartz: It's always nice to see old readers come back!! And hoohoo,we'll see if he's safe or not :V
@noiseee: Haha,yeah! :V

@anonymous sHIT GETS REAL NOW
@SimpleSauce: ye.

Even cinnamon rolls can have a bitter inside from time to time :V
@Wondermuffin06: Oh,no no! It's totally okay! I understand! I didn't want to sound kinda smart-assy to you and all,But I've been working every day just so I can get a page out in the morning,even with my two jobs
You gotta understand it kinda makes me a bit irritated at times :V

But thanks for commenting,friendo! And sorry again!
@Eliphas: The best kind,y'know! :D
@Wondermuffin06: Inconsistent? I always post a page every morning at 3:12 AM,except during the weekends so I can take a short break off of comic-making! (And when I've finished a chapter I usually take a short week-long break before I start the next one!)
Ignore the magic door that switches sides though,I was sorta drunk on sleeplessness when I drew this :V
@SimpleSauce: Someone wash his mouth with soap ASAP! >:V
@Gorgoth: You'll find out Monday! ;)
@SimpleSauce: Filler panels are best,they teach u stuff and things.

From what I heard,Blue eyes are apparently considered a ''genetic mutation which took place 6,000-10,000 years ago and became the cause of the eye color of all blue-eyed humans alive on the planet today.''

Also nah,Axl has big and precious headlamps :V
@SimpleSauce: at ur nearest fictional nerd convention :V

also gud

And thanks!! :D
@Anon: ''hey guys it's ya boi axl with another fantastic video also go follow me on my blog @totallynotanalien''
sorry for the long wait,but i've worked my bumbum off for this page and the upcoming ones!!!
@SimpleSauce: Oh snap! I'm terribly sorry! I'm actually working ahead ATM so as soon as I got the first pages ready I can queue them for the comic so I have all the time I need for the next ones!

Sorry,I should've said that earlier,But it's much better than making the newest one right before uploading it!
You can expect the first few pages within the next 1-2 weeks!