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Martina McKenzie's in the house,Y'all!
Let us raise the roof! :U

<This part is still under reconstruction,Sorry>
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@dvs: maybe,who knows /)u3u(\
@Wondermuffin06: THE EDGIEST

@bwooom <:3c
My 3 week vacation just ended so whatever here ya go :V
Some friendly teasing is always gud
@lkprime: Definitely x)
@bwooom: Ikr :V

@efa: ....even more half naked than he is now 8V
The two of em finally make their way over to
the cafeteria but get a lil disagreement on the way :V
@adaw: cuz games r evil
That concludes this chapter.
Hope y'all enjoyed it!
oh man those last two pages were so intense they're my favorite pages ive drawn so far <3
[a single teardrop falls down my face] u have failed me again,expectations
@se: Its how u can get further in life after all :V
*squishes face* ay mang wheres the nearest education yo