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Martina McKenzie's in the house,Y'all!
Let us raise the roof! :U

<This part is still under reconstruction,Sorry>
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@waf: True!!
Ohhhhh boy...
@guest: glad you think so!!! ❤️
Roll credits!
Sorry for the long hiatus, Things got really messy!
@pablo: HA.
And that was Chapter 11!
Sorry it's so short but I didn't want it to stray TOO much from the story. u_u

Anyway,hope you enjoyed it!!!
@lil flowergirl: It's the worst u_u
oooohhh :O
oh dear! :O
Just found out I'm suffering from lady troubles so sorry if there's a sudden hiatus again for this week u_u
Sorry for the long wait, there's been a lot of nasty things going on in my life. (including the death of my beloved parrot Jacob. I still miss you buddy <3)
@guest: YES! LORE! GET HYPED!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
@guest: You know it xP
@bwooom: gud UwU