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Martina McKenzie's in the house,Y'all!
Let us raise the roof! :U

<This part is still under reconstruction,Sorry>
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Such tense
don't be confused by the page number
this is NOT page 200,this is still page 197.

(This site counts the extra art at the beginning as pages)
@bwooom: Don't miscalculate though,some of the extra art like the picture wayyy at the beginning are counted as pages,This site counts ANYTHING I post as a page so technically this is still page 196.
@afew: iz sum gud shit right dere
3 hours have secretly passed so its rly dark but shhhhh dont tell :V
@bwooom: Best panels tbh <3
@lkprime: Axl's a sad lil puppy ;v;
Aaaaa I was a bit sick last week don't mind the sudden break :V
Have some sadness while ur here reading this comic lmao
@bwooom: :D that makes me happy to hear!!! <333
ay so sorry about this but i'm kinda really sick rn so I gotta take it easy until I feel better so probs no updates tomorrow~~~!!!
@fewa: fanks m9
@bwooom: ohhhhh!!!!!!! Sorry,I didn't look at it correctly lmao <:'D
@bwooom: whassup with 30? :V

@Ikprime dat sweet child o' miiiine!! :D
hap barfday 2 me
@SimpleSauce: yeah boi. i do love me some space puns

huehuehue,dont get too excited

@bwooom :DDDDD
There's a reason you shouldn't go into abandoned buildings anyway.
@bwooom: omg r u alright should i call a doctor
@SimpleSauce: Yeahhhh boiii! Thought you saw the last of me? BITCH,THINK AGAIN 8V

Naw,she's wet from the rain,but it IS a new thing i was trying out,glad u noticed!! :D