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Martina McKenzie's in the house,Y'all!
Let us raise the roof! :U

<This part is still under reconstruction,Sorry>
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@lkprime: Like he'd realize that :V
@truckpuncher: LMAO
@lkprime: Axl's the cutest lil fucker around and he knows it :>
And that's the end of Chapter 7!

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did drawing it!
b o i
you've heard of pillow talk?
get ready for towel talk :V
@pablo: Whatever do you mean? It's just Doc being his wACKY OLD SELF HYUCKHYUCKHYUCK
@pablo: Those two months of training really taught her a lot :V
@SimpleSauce It's the best thing to draw TBH <3

But tru,tru :V

@Ikprime Nahhhhhh,I wouldn't be THAT evil.

Ez gets to talk with Doc for a bit but it doesnt really seem to go well <:V
She's been here for a day and already trouble's brewing in the house :V
@lkprime: It's always the fictional food that looks tasty af amirite
@SimpleSauce: Aaaaaaaaaaa be sure to leave lots of comments to feed the hungry hungry monster that lives inside this site's HTML!
(i drew this page right after new years eye,therefore your argument is invalid :V)
Cue the long-awaited welcome!
(This was actually part of the previous page but I liked it so much that it's now its own separate page :V)
@Wailis: Mops :V
Cue the hilaaaaaaaarious cleaning montage :V
Ez is way smarter than you,Axl.
Don't try to fool her :V