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It was two different story projects that I put together to fill the 23-page constraint.
The colors I used for this story are the colors as perceived by color-blind people.
The back cover refers to several webcomics that I loved: Minus, Viking Boyfriend Zombie, Gunnerkrigg Court and Rice Boy.
The characters on the last page are webcomics characters that I really enjoy, Dresden Codak, O Human Star, Buying Time, Ava's Demon.
The challenge was to draw a comic where each page corresponded to a unit of time.
The back cover is an illustration of Diana Wynne Jones's book The Lives of Christopher Chant.
It's a story drawn with ballpoint pen. I also made collages with old drawings. I wanted to evoke an urban environment, with graffiti.
The challenge was to draw pirates in a silent story.
I had a lot of fun drawing the fights.
The challenge was to draw a silent story that happens in a museum.
The previous chapter, I had represented butterflies, this time the spider and the cockroach are the stars of this chapter.
The challenge was to represent a family reunion. For me, family meals have always been a nightmare.
The posters refer to my sister's obsession with the french singer Lorie (seriously, it required an exorcism).
I also wanted to see at least once a butterfly, it is an insect that we saw a lot in Martinique, there was a botanical garden with lots of butterflies and we were entitled to visit it (I do not know if this botanical garden still exists, I think it closed).
At first, it was a story drawn in pencil, but I had not pressed hard enough, we saw almost nothing on the screen, I redrew everything on the computer.
I also wanted the story to look like a children's book, that's why the main character is a little bear, the other children are little cats and the mother is an owl.
The challenge was to represent a snowball at the beginning and at the end of the story.