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first Greg the Dreg now i'm thinking Victor the Vandal
very very spoopy bois
Im sad they killed Cayde but honestly if they wanted us to care who died then there is literally no one else who they could kill because nobody cares about anybody but Cayde. so for inpact they had to do it and im honestly excited to see what they do with this story (those words have never been spoken in relation to destiny in the history of human existence) but I am sad that the fallen aren't gonna be our allies.
@Arcstrider Exo: I haven't been able to play it yet although I watched a play through of the story missions and from what I saw I was a little disappointed that its only like 3 missions
has it been a year?
has his super finally charged again? (reference to an earlier page in this comic)
kinda strange
that the Cabal wouldn't secure Greg after he knocked him out...unless Greg really is dead
game hakx
kill bot activate/infinite super energy

also two uploads in one week...your making progress mate, making progress
the plot thickens
that plot be thicken'in
this seems to be someone's account in a journal (or more specifically a watercolor book of theirs) in the story but who?
sounds great man, hope you can get your work done and be ready for guardiancon really love your work. keep it up
after the long wait the watermelon has returned to save us. but seriously im glad your back and I hope you stay on track...Dang it I rhymed.
@MrTomatohead: brilliant! that would be awesome all we need is a doggo for a friend and we are set for this comic to make a smashing return from the wait.
@lazesummerstone: ok thanks keep up the great work
I thought you posted every other Wednesday on this comic and then every other on Mosscreek Divide, so did that change I just didn't see or are you behind?
Amy's Face
Amy's Face in the first panel cracked me up