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I'm Coco. o3o I'm a artist.
I like animals, colors and sweet food.
Well about 5 years later, this is still here and it's HORRIFYING TO ME.
AWIGHT BECCA. I can't wait to see more...and goooodddddddddd I love your Ram King, he's so cute. <3333333333333333333333~~~~ Uhuhuhu~. Bo likes him too, but not as much as Ak.
Awwhhh! ;__; Bo is forever radiating cuteness...
O LULZ. That's AWESOMEEEEE. <33333333
'Cuz 'cuz it's so true for hopeless romantics like us... ;A;...
Oooh you look so cool. ;A; Imma fav this in anticipation of you updating! <3333