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Major confidence I don’t care what others think (the skill takes many moons to acquire) but it’s difficult for me to express basically everything.
Pancakes and waffles are the because .org is a more reliable than .com.

Enjoy my nonsense because if you’re reading this, you probably know I’m random.

Rad thanks for reading the description :)
*runs and jumps into screen* MUST SAVE RUDY
Oooo is this back to Rudolph and Ben?
He’s... crying...

What sort of bullshit witchcraft is this?
“Fuck you” “no u”
And even here, the ever popular “no u” exists.
“S—- is a whore” can anybody find out the name? Please?
Yknow this is just a fruitful day of updates.
Tobias: LEAVE
Me: O okay but how many other kids saw you makin a scene?
Edburt eyes...
I relate to the hairstyle thing
I... hate... people like that... if it’s your style then don’t ask someone to “make your art better”. You gotta do the work bitch.
*inhalation* BULLLLLLL
They’re so cute together! Even in the face of a very bored-looking villain!
I relate to Addie on a personal level now.
*slowlsy reaches to phone*
*looks up sonic theme*
Yes. You cannot stop this.
“Trust me”
NOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOO *nose begins to bleed* gEt tHe FuCk aWaY frOm RuDy