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Those 3 panels though...that's a mess of feelings lol. Been there, done that.
Say what?! Nuh uh!
Well...Holy Shit.
That expression 😂😂
Poor kid, lol!
She got her butt beat!
The sweetness here is giving me cavities 😁
Congratulations on passing your test! That is exciting news.

I'm sorry to hear your kitten passed away. It's hard. They become such a big part of the family and to see them go...doesn't matter how many you've had or how long it's been. *hugs*

I'm interested to see how the story will progress. It's beautifully drawn and colored.
Uh oh. Where is that going to take him? Oooooooh!
@Zyephen Oh, I see. It's popping up now. I'm chalking it up to data being picky ;).
Page 11 is the same as page 10. I think the wrong page uploaded?
Omg that smile!
I'm crying. I feel so bad for Lani. How lonely she must have been.
That banter broke the seriousness of this situation. LOL.
February 17th, 2019
Gonna give it to Reuben. That's next level respect and patience.
I am seconding portisHeart. But Daya definitely has this. She's determined.
February 13th, 2019
I was not expecting that reaction. I'm laughing way harder than I should be.
Held by breath there.