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October 18th, 2019
Dude....held my breath there thinking one of the deer was going to lunge him at the last second.
I'm nervously wanting to see what happens.
That is the only reasonable way to introduce your kitty to people...unless it likes to scratch your eyeballs. Experience.

Edit: Not my eyeballs though. But my kitty got my arm. The other just mewed.
Pixelated butt grabs
Poor kid. Arei...give more hugs!
Uh oh. Touched the wings...
Been on the receiving end of random facts lol.
Poor kid. Like fuck.
@gamerkatie: OMG SAME.
Did he throw off his groove? Did he touchie?
Well....that happened....😁
Every. Freaking. Time!
How dare they!
I'm glad to see he's doing much better.
This is too cute. WHAM! needs to be in the background, lol.