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Eternal Cry
Oh dear god I just read my 15 year old me's profile.

I'm a Nurse's aid working in Geriatrics, I still quite enjoy the megaman franchise but I have long since moved on from sprite comics, though I do feel like they are a valid medium that takes some skill to do well.

Any old friends, I'm still willing to reconnect.
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@Guest: Moments like these I wish we can upvote comments.
I fully concede that I was incorrect.
I think we all know where that phone went.
@Sol There is a fine line between Heroism and Villianism; Good and Evil aren't so black and white.
@SWSU-Master: A paypal donate button wouldn't hurt. Just plop it on there.
I have a question, SWSU. Why don't I see a donate button or a patreon or something? You've been doing a wonderful job and I've been following you for almost a decade now but I don't think I've ever seen you try to make some side cash of this. I don't think anyone would begrudge you a donate button.

I mean I'd click it.
Ohhh the plot thickens.
Oh my gosh that FACE.
Okay Takashi you're an ass. He clearly had no say in what just happened and chased after _YOU_

"I'm pretty sure I can screw that up" Is a mantra I live by.
Is it just me or is Kenisis's hair getting bigger as time goes by. Like, I'm becoming convinced it's an alien parasite and it's just eating his real hair an growing larger and larger.
Damn dude, he's laying the blame game down pretty hard. He is not pleased.

Servin' up a nice plate of harsh browns.

With a side of hateraide.
I would love that, so long as it doesn't put undue strain on you. What you can do is work up a buffer on your current schedule and THEN bring it to 3 days a week, so if something happens you won't have to stress as much.
@yasha.queen: This seems to be less tolerance and more acceptance, which is even cooler!
@SWSU-Master: Question from the oblivious, what mistake did you make last season?
Or you guys could let this develop naturally. Be patient and let the affection come as it will; it will be more rewarding that just raw urges.
As the game has progressed I have begun to dislike Brandi more and more. She is manipulative as hell and it pisses me off. What pisses me off more is she doesn't even seem to acknowledge it.
Omg this is fantastic. I love Ken already.
@yasha.queen: TBH I don't think even Hiro knows what Hiro has planned.