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Kayu Ishida
I like to sketch, draw comics, and play video games. Guild Wars is my anti-drug. I am currently attending the University of Connecticut, and I am majoring in English with a focus in creative writing, and minoring in Asian American Studies. Yay educational adventures!

I hope to make a living writing stories/scripts for comics, cartoons, and video games. Until then... who knows!
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lol! Here's a hint.....penis. O_O that a hint? Eh, I don't know. >_>
Mwhahaha. I'm going to try to make this as awkward as possible.
Hahahaha. He sure doesn't. XD
Kuja-sama!!! Hi!!! Long time no see! I just moved up to college, so hopefully now I can find some more time to draw and stuff! Oh, and I need to find a scanner! ^__^;;
I have not heard of 'Monsieur Camembert', but I shall investigate! To Google!!!
Um... Crap I forget if Benji is short for something. Oh! I suppose Benjamin, but I'll just let Benji remain as Benji. Nothing more. ^__^;;

Well, I guess I'll just have to add some favservice! So many people want the Benji/Jojo.... XD
O_O Look at the news post! Rawr! XD
I know! lol I think that dog is where I got the name in the first place... lol I remember watching those movies as a kid... They were actually kinda disturbing, but I won't go there. O_o
^__^ Oh that would be so great! Thanks everyone for being awesome!
Yes it is! It's by They Might Be Giants. They also did the Partical Man song, if you've heard that one. Let me see if I can find their website or something...

Ah, here's a website!

They are quite fun! ^_^ And if you want to hear the song that Benji and Jojo are singing then watch this video:
lol! I can hug you! *huggles* ^_^
LOL! Ah...pirate porn? I bet that's awesome XD Cute scene!
That's so sweet! ^_^
Aww! That's sad!
lol I love Jiming's expression in the 2nd panel. XD
"I'm a cloud!" lol! Love it!
Or did he?! Dun dun dun!!!
lol Hot damn you're right! Man I wish I was most observant. Oh well!
I'm sorry this comic is so messy. I think I left it in my sketch book for too long and the lead got smeared. It's situations like these that make me more inclined to outline my comics in ink.