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Why does this site want to know my gender?

Really though, why?
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    Abomination from the underwhere
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@JovanW: The same way the others did
I'll take anything I can get

that first slide was a better plan.
I always shop at ells r us.

Very reliable.

@MissKate: I would to! It's a fricken cake!
I'm OK with this.

what was a lie D:
I agree
That's also how I'd react to being impaled, of course
@KirbyandPokemonFan: In some they where white, in some, like star allies, they were yellow.
wait, aren't Metas eyes usually white or yellow?
Why am I not surprised that Valoo is sleeping right now?
Kirby isn't even comprehending this anymore, is he?

Also, did Keeby expect Kirby to not be surprised by all of this or something?
good old scp-048-j
Oh hi there

You come here often?