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I'm just a guy who enjoys writing stories about superheroes and making new characters. Currently I don't have much other then a pencil and some paper, but I'd like to change that one day. At the moment I'm working on a comic called "The U1 Defenders" and I hope you enjoy it :)
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I'm finally back, sorry for the long wait
I don't know who'll actually see this, but next week I'm going to be in Cairns. So I won't be able to update the comic for a week
Here's the first time we see Mickhail use his bone powers
And here's the end of chapter 3, who knows what'll happen next????????????????????????????????????????
Another example of their training, Tim is now able to pour massive amounts of concentration into one large construct
But what's this?? Even with all his training, Mickhail couldn't even dent it?
Now we get to see the results of their training, in just one leap Mickhail was able to reach the meteor
The start of Chapter 3. Mickhail has now been reunited with the rest of the group after training for 3 days, and soon we'll see how they deal with the oncoming meteor
And this marks the end of Chapter 2. These chapters don't really mean much, they're just an easy way to separate each major plot change throughout the story. When I began writing this I never imagined including chapters, but hey, it's a useful function on this website
Using -complex math- I figured out that Tom and Elodie move at about 286.46 kilometres per hour. I remember doing the math right when I wrote this, but it could very well be wrong. All I know is at this point I don't wanna go back and check it
I'm back
Wow, I'm actually back after like 7 months. I was busy with other things, and I lost my motivation to continue writing The U1 Defenders for a while. But, I got my motivation back, and I now have a better way of scanning my pages too, so uploading it should be easy
I've had exams on for the past couple of weeks, so I wasn't post much because of it. But, my exams are over, and my holidays have begun, so hopefully I can get back on track :)
Here we go, the training has officially begun
here we see the first use of Thomas' superpower, which is similar to the Upside Down from Stranger Things I guess, but with a few differences that the story will get into later
So I missed posting yesterday, apologies for that. I recently got a Nintendo Switch, and Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey have been distracting me so much
Here we see the first time any of the group's powers have been used, and obviously, it doesn't work out too well
Beginning of Chapter 2 :)))
And that's the end of chapter 1! Steam has warned the group of a coming meteor, and it is their duty to stop it from hitting the planet using their newfound abilities. But, the meteor comes in only three days. Chapter 2 will be dedicated to the team training and finding new ways to use their powers
Some more information about the cast, featuring Thomas, Cameron, Mickhail and Lily
What's he doing with his gauntlet this time?? Who knows? All will be revealed on Tuesday, next week
Also, happy birthday to my good friend Karan :)