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All good, stuff like that happens :)

But i am intrigued with the conversation that's about to unfold...
Great work on the comic :) Looking forward to seeing this one unfold
haha, I wonder who will get Echo ;)
News he says *Rubs Chin*
Lol thats what good friends do right, Throw up their rates when they learn that they own a mansion ;)

Hope that you can stay on top and stuff, No pressure :) keep it up
Stealth mission time!
Ooh... Crap... Something's not right here...
God bless you... Hope you rest well, recover and have a great break

We will all wait here patently for you and if you need longer than 3 months, we will wait as long as you need

God bless, get well :)
Reading my comment i see spelling mistakes... Rip, but hummm...
“Bothing at all” Csmera pan to someone standing in the shadows

Yea, just passing through, Running from something?
Good idea on the discord server

That must hurt being body slamed by a fast moving bouncing blue ball ;)
@Nekomata-chan: Glad you got there in the end :)

As for Jasper, I think he is a cool dude...
Darn... That’s one hungry belly
Interesting... Back Story time...
No stress, best of luck with school...