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Yas, this boi has god like prediction ;)
Commander: I can’t believe you guys stuffed this up... Be glad I don’t give you a shocking experience right now!...
Commander: I am going to do this myself cause you lot are just useless!
???: ...

(Good way to end this, burn them alive)
More like glad we can’t see the negatives... To hard to see with no light sources ;)
Well... At least it’s not snapping his neck... Not sure if suffocation is any better... But wow, what a way to wake up
Ooh my!!! Yes I can see it!!!

Memories of Lion King return
*Insert sound effect of ground shaking from many footsteps running on the ground*

(No reactions to the call for ember)
Yea man... Let’s see what this handsome lad has to offer
@MR.Zoet: Yea, my prediction was that they two got bound by string shot or something... But hey, maybe I tried to hard for this one lol

(Probably won't do this after this scene cause the original was best)
I wish these lads where saying mine instead lol
“Oi! Idiot! I am not dead yet!”

Never turn your back on any foe!
???: Unit dispatched! We dispatched grassy bugs and they are closing in on the cat... And friend...
Commander: *Facepalm* Cats like bugs, but at least the grass unit will help them out... You said friend? Who is it?
???: It’s a quill sir.
Commander: YOU MORON!!!! Fire burns grass and bugs!!! You better hope they win, or the lot of you will have warheads on your foreheads!!!

(Not what i was planning, but good enough lol)
The boi is a prune!!!!
abandoned for decades! Thats a lot of time floating in the liquid
This wont end well... One badge down... One member down, one member injured, the rest... Targeted...

Time to try escape the two adversaries
We shall see
I agree with you, thats a lot of work!

Keep it up @Lucky02: your making killer pages (And killer monster)
Yea, all good... I have been on a roll, not normally this good haha..

Keep up the good work tho, loving the story, it’s an interesting one

Note: I have an idea for a comment on next page, but it depends on the next page... Only one thing needs to happen for me to make it haha