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Darn, that sucks that they feel that way now
Hey, there is an apple in here we did not pay for... Whats the deal?

I remember this part of the games... Much memories
[Sarcastic Voice] Yea right...
This is going to end well...
But I do agree, expressions are on point :)
I agree, Just the way most grammar comments are worded seem rude... but if the author / artist does not mind then that’s fine...
This fight going to be very bad, or they are going to figure it out...
Lol, Autocorrect is a pain sometimes...
Well... Things are about to get interesting... Another group of guild members are getting involved...
Hummm... Ok... So there is another quote that triggers a memory
I really had fun reading this page, i also love panels like panel 8 (Bottom Left). The mind of flooded thoughts that progressively keep getting louder and eventually more confusing to the subject as they think more about something...

Expressions are on point ;) as always
See comment chain below.
OOh, ok... haha... Well I do have issues with receiving jokes cause I take things literally... Mostly in a text based communication... Then again, maybe I just haven’t installed my humour module...
Speaking facts there Jake
Yo Talon. What are your thoughts on Naya? Have you wondered why she was on Mystella Island in the first place, since you seemd to call it a deserted island...
Ooh, she is reflecting and giving thought on the matter of her “Partner”
Pfff, i call that a lil harsh bro... No need to out right burn someone lol
My typos are on point today!
I knownit’s the name of the comic... But as the artist had to go through the creative process he had to come up with a name for the team and the comic and in this case one of the was named after the other, i am curious about how he drcided on the name :)