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That looks like a fun place to be... Dark, isolated, and as someone else suggested, probably in a ball on the wall
@Guest: Are you sure he is going to free him? or is he going to sit down and have a chat with him... Maybe he will use Ace as a bargaining chip in a way that he will join if Ace does as well or something like that...

Or maybe he is going for a visit to see if someone down there knows him... Maybe Ace is not the only person to recognize him...
My bad... Dont know how I replied to you when trying to make a comment :facepalm:
Jake is about to let some facts down on her... I feel like he is slightly disappointed and annoyed with her response...
Preach dude!
Hummm... Interesting Choice Alex
I wonder what Lu knows about this “rock” Nick touched... Assumibg it is what he thought
I mean... He did just attempt a one on one with a killer that almost killed his friends and by extension, himself
Cant get her thoughs off of what’s worrying her... Hummm :thinking:
Thats a very long time to hold a secrete from people... I could not wait 4 years for something like that...

If I was a game dev, I would be fired for being a leaky source of info...

But amazing work :) I am sure it was worth the wait for you
Ooh no... They dont want cookies?

Why not...
So, they are essentially Law Enforcement tools?

Thats neat... Poor ace tho
Happy your good :)
Health > Pleasing Fans
Happy Creator = Happy Fans

On another note... Is he about to mention the dream?
**Thinking Face**