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@Samadriel: Yea I hope none crawl up my chair and bite me... Don't forget birds love to dive bomb as well... But personally, I don't like dive bombing people, might hurt a wing
@Hawktalon,: Yea same... Big spiders, is a big nope
Haha, yea i wonder if the designer was also afrade of spiders and thought that it was close enough...

This is not going to end well for one of them... Probably that dewott is going to have a bad time
Ooh wow! Amazing work, amazing seeing the buildings done :)

The story continues with queen bat of sass :) this will fun
Press on mate, embrace the lil hatchling and continue your quest...
This wet fish... Need to learn some manors...
@comercole: The profile icon is... The username will change to my new one when i am not lazy (Probably at the same time)
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: Well... The pooch will have a short nap before he starts getting tossed around
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: The peako is prepared for any situation... Casually has spare rope in its wings...
@comercole: (I actually posted a screenshot of your comment on the discord server as I found your comment funny, cause this was the old name that I have moved from... But then the joke was made that I am the Peako)
I am peako confirmed!
@ShadowStalker1128: Aaah, lol... Makes sense, Love the lore behind this page btw
I am enjoying this comic alot :)
Sammy looks a bit down... I wonder why...

I love the page silver :) Amazing work, and all chapters are my favourite so far cause i cant pick one chapter as they are all amazing :) but this one is looking to be a real good one and i am excited to see what comes next
Aay :confetti_ball: Page 100!!!

And there it is, the realisation that she does not have the egg
Well, i hope the other kids dont get scorched for this fools actions... But they might, i just hope they dont die (Dont care about that lil crap, he can evaporate for all i care lol)
They will have their heads cut off and stuck on spikes now... The boi has a bunch of trophies.
My god! The poor pooch... he looks so helpless, sad and regretting his life choices...

He deserves all of it...