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You asked for it ;)
Haha nice one tho ;)

Mission Failed! You’ve been spotted...
Don’t worry we’ll get them next time...
I think a discord server is a good idea

Leaving it open is always fine... But I would say, make the rules very clear and make the rules enforce positivity... And be strict on the rules, no grey areas, No free passes on the rules cause someone is a good lad. Be ready to take action even on grey zone rule breaks...

That’s my thought :)

Edit: More on this... I lead some camps as a leader and the leaders on camp have the idea of “If we are strict on the rules on the first day, the rest of the week will be easy... If we are not the rest of the week is a nightmare” Not saying that people will be like kids but it would be worth being strict so that the line for what’s tolerated is set and is never pushed
Patience Padawan... You will get your powers back in time... But for now, don’t do anything reckless...
@DarkFireEevee: Brah... We should go meet up at the servo down the road from this cat fight and have a gander and enjoy the show
@Ark Bluegate: Not sure, just some Aussies doing as we do...
Hand from above pulling him back to reality...
@DarkFireEevee: Pfft, you know just as well as I do... Australia does not exist... We are just Actors-- ooh I mean yea we do exist. And we have the best glue in the whole of americ-- World
@MissKate: I SenSe TEaRs of Joy In THe COmmeNtS of THis VloG... WhO MiGHt tHIS Be? I aM GLAd thaT i HAS proVIdED enTerTainment
@DarkFireEevee: Mythbusters proved that duck tape will fix anything or do anything... But no amount of tape will fix this cat
Yea mate... Big loud noise from a T-Rex is just a lad having fun... Pure harmless fun!!!
Ouch... It seems she took a lot of damage... Maybe she is about to eat it in a sec ;)
OOh wow... That's awesome... I love the warm sunset

Great job

However... This mission won't be a breeze, You are one against many... Stuff up and you're cooked
Naah... Loud noises are the sound of fun... Generally when a noise is made, it’s someone having fun ;)
If your not in immediate danger... Then who cares am I right?
@Weaselcheez: Hehe, let me give you some “103: Early Hints” that the HTTP status code you where looking for was “404: Not Found” ;) Now I send you a “100: continue” :P

(Sorry I saw your comment and needed to make a reply as an IT nerd)