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I think I will recommend this comic to my friends.
(The thought came to me during the Superbowl.)
Say, have you grab yourself Bowser Inside Story + Bowser Jr. Journey yet? Thanks
@Nova Ozuka: Yeah, I understand the pain of shiny hunters
Can you provide us what this guy is saying?
Did GamesDoneQuick finished early?
What inspired you to make this comic?
I can barely see Sol's dialogue.
This comic helps me escape from a stupid new internet meme.
Did you hear? There will be a Kirby Epic Yarn 3ds remake.
Is the Birdon the wrong color, or is it two are not the same?
You made a small typo. It's "pas", not "pa".
@BattleStarX: Buffed Dedede isn't his final smash unfortunately.
I am reading your comic and it seems that comic #61 doesn't show up for me.
Can't wait for the challenger!
You're finally back. Yay!
(By the way did you receive my message about our friend codes?)
Umm, why was this part posted twice?