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Captain Galactose
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awwwwwww snap!!!!!!
just the summary of this has me insanely curious. subbed and looking forward to more
omgosh never mind lol that was clearly mentioned on the very first page!
So the lizard people have a human commander? gosh dammit it just got more confusing and interesting lol
Hey again! are you on other web comic sites by chance? i like smack jeeves but i use it like 3rd most and was wondering if i could follow you on like webtoons or comicfury? if not ill just keep coming back here haha
last page till june! hope everyone who reads this enjoys this. The 2 of you know who im talking about lol
This comic has me very curious. Super curious. Mega curious even. Should i dare say it? OK It has me super mega ultra fantastic curious
lol idk why but i love how virgin level 7 sounds
Hey thanks. subbed to you over their to but yeah even in i type in the exact name it does not show up in the webtoons search for some reason
So not that its any of my bizness or anything but im on like on webcomic sites and ive seen yours from here to becomics comicfury ect. i love the story. But just curious why are you not on webtoons? im sure you would get a great following there to
@Paul: i thought about that and then was like nah ill just leave it crazy hahaha
These next 4 pages where done by our fill in artist. After these the art work will return to normal
lol this is my favorite comment. but the next page thats gonna be the true test lol
well im hooked. disturbed but hooked lol
@The Orange Cow: lol. another new page coming in a few hours.....also im wondering what your gonna say when neither of these 2 are on a page???? mhmmmm life greats questions
hey everyone. Coloring took longer than normal. But the new page should be up sometime today! sorry for the delay
So New pages coming in on the 24th of april!
i think im going to start uploading once a week instead of doing a 3-5 page bulk. What do you guys think?
for all things captain Galactose g/viewer?title_no=163100&episode_no=1
@Paul: Its's only gonna get worse in the future! stay tuned :)