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Just a guy that love reading comics and i plan foward to maybe in future do my own comic.
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    Luiz Henrique
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So you protagonist is going to act like a real trainer to her partner, heh seens good and very funny.
So, she wanted to go to the other side of the wall...
seens like her wish was granted.
time to kidnap some kittens
We gonna see them fight... at least Plucky is going to attack.
It's not bad.
So the milk scent is because the tiger has cubs.
Well i've to say it, i'm a pretty new reader there and i loved it, i'll start to follow and fav you.
I read 187 pages in a day... lol XD
you just remenbered me of starcraft now, heh, she is probably kerrigan so, she has his own decisions.
Back to topic, she is safe, but if red keep going she is going to save him from them.
I fell like that someone is going to meet him soon :P
someone is going to follow her i'm sure, they looked all confuse...
well there's still something that i'm sure they'll, not touch him, heh.
And the truth is here.
I'm not much looking into ships stuffs, i'm looking more to know what these moths have to do with her? they're folloing her everywhere now.
these moths are following, seens like they have something to do with the bad, maybe for good i hpo.
But i have no idea.
That was not the truth but sure stabed deep, man...
Ye just sleep well, i'm sure that i'll keep an eye out, I don't need to sleep anymore.
Including by not being dead they're killing everything.
Humans are alife \o/
So he already feels the symptoms, i feel bad for him.
Man i have lost of questions, what just happened?
Man you're going to get caught, no way to escape now ;-;