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Just a guy that love reading comics and i plan foward to maybe in future do my own comic.
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    Luiz Henrique
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Hmmm, interesting
I consider this look about "they're going to meet up again, soon."
@jvmontero: sure. heh
Oh Milo is going to try a pacifist run?
Interesting to see it.
this is finally getting on what i was wanting to see, a friendly conversation. :3
Don't need to rush man, we all have to life too ^^,
my inglish is not so good and I get confused about what mallow and teddy was saying...
And now she know, shaon loves his pokemon in the same way that they love her too, humans are not evil, well at least not all, and can say the same about pokemons. :P
(Just note: Cant wait to see this owten with a happy face :> )
100th page!
I think of that owten was going to join Shaon's team... Btw Teddy was very cute in this page :3
lol it seens like, don't want to be saved!? so be it, bye.
i loved the face expressions that you did in ths page, good work.

Sad, but well drawn.
at least she gained time to eletux.

a personal opinion, this is what i most love in these nuckloses comics, the story is more involving and good.
eletux fainted!; Shaon decided to fight; Garlikid is not paying attention; Shaon used wood hammer; To be continued...

now about the last pannel the way of she is using the stick seens strange
why i fell that was the awsner of i expected to he reicive heh, eletux lo-i mean like his trainer.
And ye eletux beat him out we dont need him. I dont played the game far from this part so anything ahead is going to be new for me.
yes he sure looks better, unfortunately for him i'm sure that garlikid is going to reicive an awsner that's he's not going to expect.
@NamelessImp: yes i noticed the diference when i see it, also i forget to comment.
Finally were going to have chat between them :3
also what the owten wants whit a pokeball?
boy, i have a small felling of i have seen this owten before in somewhere, i'll take a look.
Edit: nah i confused it with the gym battle from chapter 1 :P
Something big is coming
hehe, i see our protagonist is going to talk with pokemons, i'm right? please :3
Take something valuable, get some revenge, who know.
Initial felling: Dead :(

Please no!
yes! i'm so happy!
And this new intro for chapter 3 is well made, good job :3