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I'm Mickey!!! Cockatiel mom. Art student. uh..... i'm a lesbian. god constantly challenges my power....
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@Elaine P.: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. And I'm so happy you found my little project!
This is all mine. From the storyboards to the pencils to the lines to the colors. And the site itself. It was definitely a feat, but it's my baby.
You have kindled so much of my creative energy. I'm so grateful. I haven't forgotten about that peacock you let me paint on my t-shirt. Those little things were monumental.
Can't wait to see you again soon. Thank you for seeking out my little corner of the universe. Much love
@samdad: LOL, maybe a lil biased. thank you <3 tell the cats I said hello
@Xabel Mind: THANK U LOL!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

and thanks for the reference! I'll be sure to use it to triple-check my translations
...that I can post little bonus comics in between updates to avoid overwhelming myself! AND satisfy my desire to post regularly on this page! wild.

Why haven’t I been doing this earlier? It’s a lovely way to get you all familiar with the cast without really spoiling anything. seeing as it will be a little while before we get into some serious character arcs.

In the bottom comic, Trace’s mom is asking where her earrings are, and he’s screaming back “UHHHHHH RIGHT HERE!” i think the visuals made that relatively easy to interpret, but it's always good to clarify. Also! I don’t speak Italian! I use a blend of ReversoContext and my friend Klaire (klairehumanoid on Youtube. she makes really amazing content guys!!!) for my educational Italian needs. Didn’t use her for this one ‘cause they were simpler phrases and seemed to repeat themselves verbatim when I google searched them in a sentence. Let’s hope I got it right.

Thanks for tuning in for this little intermission! did u like it?! what was your favorite of the three?

I’ll try to crank out an actual page for us next week <3

Until then, take care everyone.
@Xabel Mind: Right?! he didn't wear much color back then, so he compensated for it thru his accessories (he definitely had matching folder dividers) (and neon velvet fuzzy pencils) (and eraser toppers) (((don't forget the eraser toppers)))
@Baylee.k: i love that you love him omg<3 believe me, he'll have more smug lil shit moments.
he smiles! and speaks! without being prompted!
Excited to move the story out of this godforsaken bus. can you tell i'm sick of drawing it? we're almost there tho! i'm kinda shocked, in the first drafts, this scene stretched out for 15+ pages. oof.

If you don't keep up with the news page, I mentioned my future upload schedule. It's pretty unlikely that I'll upload a page this upcoming sunday. School just started back up and I'm trying to avoid unnecessary stress and overworking. But hey! maybe I'll surprise myself. If anything changes, I'll let u know via news <3

thank you for reading! how did u all like this page?! let's hope the plot isn't too predictable. I know it's still early, but i think i'll manage to surprise some of you. at LEAST one of you. that's the goal! just one. then my mission will be complete.
ok ok i'm done. ńämåštæę xoxo
@seven: thank you for the warm welcome <3 Jada is a piece of work. i'm so eager to give her more dialogue!!
@Xabel Mind: THIS IS LATE BUT thank you so much!!!!!!! it gets harder to write the older I get, so i'm very happy it's still relatable LOL
OKkAHHHHHHHH i don't have much time cuz ya girl's gotta pack and head back to school in a few. Hope u enjoy the update! i think this is my favorite page so far. i smiled so many times drawing it my cheeks hurt afterwards
i will be in florida! family trip! GOD i wish my mother would have let me stay behind and given me money for tuition instead. but my grandmother has cancer and this trip is for her (i'm okay btw) (my emotions are weird, it never feels real enough to hurt me) (but that is subject to change). I'm trying to keep that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory quote in mind: "There's plenty of money out there. They print more every day. But this ticket, there's only five of them in the whole world, and that's all there's ever going to be. Only a dummy would give this up for something as common as money."
as always, i appreciate everyone who views! and every word of every comment makes me smile like an idiot. i know i probably sound like a broken record at this point but this story truly is my lifeline. it's in everything i do. and there is still so much more of it to tell. and what a privilege it is to experience other people experiencing it with me. i've never been more lucky.
new page! new font! new year new me
it's been a MINUTE, hasn't it?
idk how noticeable it is, but aside from the new page, i changed the font of the dialogue! it's less bulky/curly/ugly.
Anyway...i'm so happy to be back! I've got pages stacked up for weeekz so you'll have to deal with my consecutive dyke ass for at least few more months.
I hope you like the update! it's an older page (in my eyes) so there are some things I would have changed. i didn't realize how difficult it is to keep maverick's head consistent LOL. aside from that, THIS IS JADA'S FIRST PIECE OF DIALOGUE! she is very dear to my heart. i'm excited for u to learn more about her.
if you're reading this, i want to thank you. that means you used your OWN VALUABLE TIME to look at my comic and that's so cool! i'm forever lucky.
it's good to be back.
@IronDog: it's his job to meddle <3 what a snoop.
UGH you're so nice, i'm emo.... I'm excited to come back better prepared! i'm sure some time away from the comic will make me more eager to put out my best. thank you for the kind wishes.
@IronDog: thank you so much for helping me see it in a different light!! it's good to have other eyes sometimes. the angle is a little wacky, i totally see what you mean.

and THANKS LOL, i was hoping for that suffocating vibe <3 take care
SO. uhm..
idk how to say "my brain decided to act up this week and i was lowkey suffering, SORRY FOR THE LATE COMIC" without it feeling weird. because I don't want pity! nor do I want to use bipolarll as an excuse for anything. But my brain decided to act up this week and I was suffering and that's the tea. <3

I'm going to announce a hiatus in the next few days to get ready for my fall semester of school (a hiatus? b we just fuckin started) I KNOW i know, I hate it more than you do. But it's time for me to stop being stubborn and give myself time to stack up buffer comics for a few weeks. and relax. and check out psychiatrists. y'know, like you do. wish me luck.

thank you for your patience as always. It's just the beginning! I hope you understand. I know i'm starting to.
@ZSnazzy: right ugh she's wild (i love your profile pic btw) (it pairs nicely with your comment LOL)

the last panel makes me smile so i did my job LMAO. if you're here from instagram.....yes perhaps i did lie about posting this around 6pm....but thanks for viewing anyway <3 <3 <3
OK UGH i had to go back to this page to give it some love. It's one of my favorites. the pacing is just so heavy and beautiful and heartbreaking. The space and tension around them just slooowwss doowwwn, i'm so gay.... and the MOVEMENT!!! everything is so float-y and dreamlike and dipped in a perfect film of deep-sea color. u made so many amazing choices here and it definitely paid off. love these boys to death <3 you must be so proud.