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slim stories
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feel like were getting a little manga-is... I like it.
slim stories
October 15th, 2018
@mindcat: im on it. I tend to forget to update, but ill post whenever you remind me
Daw I gotta make some fan art now
one of my favorite pages
Barns n noble link if you’d like to be more hands on. 525517969
If you’d like to buy a physical copy of the book and read the extended ending, you can but it on amazon, just follow the link.
@Captain Ghost: useless really
@Guest: i doubt it, Mann is a little too awkward for that
His stepfather might have mentioned it
Are you sure?
@Killsoty: some people think pet eating is never a reasonable action. when the apocalypse hits, we'll see if they change their mind.
@Kiki-Wyvern: he lived a good life. how many dogs know what human ear taste like?
@Derpy-Giraffe: hold on to that feeling, dont let anyone take it away from you.
@Killsoty: yea, i noticed that too. I personally think he was a good guy in the wrong place.
he's got a good point.
@Derpy-Giraffe: it be rough on a zombie body
i can tell you keep them close to your heart
@Derpy-Giraffe: Don't cry, boots wont give up that easy.
i'm glad to see that readers are so invested.
@GayerThanARainbow: i'm glad you're having fun now.