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Other than music, I have no life. Music=Life.
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Well, I finally got around to making another installment. Pardon the lateness. I blame the busy weekend.
Well, I guess I should get started on my next issue. I'm so excited about rehearsing for our musical. Yay!
I wonder what a Sonic themed musical would be like...
Clarification: He's dizzy and about to throw up. No I'm not going to constantly torture him, I just couldn't think of anything great today.
So are the other characters going to get their own pearl bead statue? (Check your pm box btw)
Wow, so many comments, so little time. I might work on a new issue tomorrow if I don't get too busy.
yes, well we couldn't just leave gwah. besides, if I did I would get bricked.
Shadow was in such a good mood for once too. Now he's back to his normal demeaner.
Shadow is going back for Gwah, Believe me, and I will publish another issue today. I just don't get around to making the Issues as much as I should.
Yeah, I was too busy last night to comment, plus I didn't have any thing to say.
It doesn't suprise me that one of the characters got violated again. To those who've been wondering, Shadow is going back for Gwah currently, and Gwah will be featured, yes, featured in one of the next issues.
Yes, the piano is floating, and yes, Boo is crying. Also, I'll paste the new banner to these issue's soon. I just don't want to right now.
well, you'll see once I get the last panel done on the next issue
Sorry this took so long. Like I said in the news section, I've been very busy and the Shadow Sprites take a while to make.

I see no one's gotten the wood paneling joke...
Tails knows how to get what he wants...
I enjoy making these comics. what can I say... By the way, for all you fans, I'll be posting more issues soon and you'll be able to tell which are mine by my signature in the last pannel of each issue.
Third time's the charm. I kept having to go back and fix things. By the way, if you think some of the Poses are a bit crappy, that's because they are; I had to make them myself.
Well, whether it makes sense or not, you've got to admit it's pretty funny.