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Being lazy on my bed, playing video games and readimg webcomics, youtube videos and etc etc
I like bowl ramen noodles and the instant ones too, chocolate as most prefered flavor in candies and cakes, fast foods burgers and pizza, love sushi in varieties with soy sauce, chinese bowl soups and criolla food from peru ("Llomo Saltado" is the best dish despite its look). Challenges and hard situations are my thing, as long as the give me at least some reward at least like a feeling of of superation or a lil muffin. Despite my age, pretty naive but can be shady attimes. But all I seek is non responsible acquaintances. Hope to enjoy the art here ^~^}
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A robbery with Nerf guns !
Alpha remembees me a little of the 1st generation, just a little more conscious, however, still having a hard time with what she believes is right to do