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That's adorable
Those two look really good together.
That would've been fun to see.
Dude looks good in that suit.
The fluff is strong with this one
Aww, that's sweet.
That was hilarious
Not gonna lie. Completely forgot that that was a thing.
And so the plot thickens.
Real glad he didn't burn that bridge
You've done good, Drew. You've done good.
Just keep learning from your mistakes bro. You've got this.
That was nice.
God damn it drew, don't mess this up!
I really want him to not mess this up
I really hope he doesn't mess this up
I'm going to start doing that immediately.
Found this comic on tv tropes just in time for it to go on hiatus T.T Really like how the stories progressed and how the characters have grown since the begining of this story. Thanks for such a good read and good luck with everything.