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A young graphic artist from the US! Hopeful future Calarts student!
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How do you pronounce the title? Is it Sole-an-a-say?
Tobias chill
Perhaps a fanart Friday, or something along those lines? Or (if you haven’t already done this, I’m not sure) take people’s pokemon characters and use them as BG characters!
oop its aboiut time
Translation- What the F***?
Oh god, I hope Lux doesn't sound like Lux from League of Legends- Not the laugh, please not the laugh
This is
exactly how I imagined bidoof
thank you for making him look so cute
it does him justice
but where is l ou d red ;;
@pixlyJolt This isn’t even a Pokémon lmfao
@blue I’ll see if I can try!
Dhbdbehehd I thought she meant medivel weapon at first then I remembered my Dog the Bounty Hunter days-
November 21st, 2018
Oh my god- My heart skipped a beat when I saw this comic here,, I can remember a little 10/11 year old me amazed at your one animation with these raccoons, what was the video called? HHhhh
Is he drawing a heart-
Can we take note of the bars on he window?
Unless its just paning and Im being dumb lmao
Sorry for not uploading lately guys! I just wanted to make a quick little PSA on here, as I noticed some bases being used. If you use bases, or trace, please please PLEASE credit the base! Not crediting the original creator of the base/heavily referenced art is considered plagerism, and we could be reported for it!
All the best!
Is this?? The madame/master/mistress Mister Edburt always talks about?? Rhhejsudciif
can i just take a moment to point out dem shoulders?
I actually physically spit out my drink when I saw this i-
Tobi Bby I cant breath What did Luther do to you-
He’s edgier then Infared connection
Oh my god he
Actually cares
Ahhhhhhhhh he protecc he ataccc but most importantly
He got Tammy’s bacc