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I wouuld be honored to be a background character.
Please continue I need more!
update update update update! I need my romance between vampires! I wanna see her drink his blood and he drink hers
New Character.??
I know you don't know me,(I would like to someday be friends like penpals or something...) and I just read your manga today, but this is the first furry manga I've fallen for. You see I'm mute and kind of an outcast. I had bully trauma in the past so the doctor says I chose to become mute. Your comic made my day and my life so much better. I uh.... This feels wrong and mean to ask of you but ccould you base a character off of me... I mean it's ok if you say no... It's just I love foxes especially fennec foxes since I can relate to being really tiny but instead of big ears I have big baby dear like eyes and foxes are rather closely related to dogs and when tamed can be considered a dog. It's just your such an inspiration thanks to you I think I'll take my drawing tablet out of my attic and start to draw again because you were brave enough to post your art and I want to inspire people who have had trouble in their past find something to makes them start again on something they've given up on. I'm sorry please forgive me for being selfish and spineless to even ask you to talk with me and to even dare ask you to make a character of me a stranger who has nothing to give you as payment. Even if you say no to a character I would love to exchange emails. I would love tips on how to achieve such a cute main character and how to develop a story line so I can create my own series to inspire people.

From Hazel
Please continue!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn this is a great comic. amazing detailed art.
Can't Wait For More
eeeeekkkk this looks sooooo goood