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Vincent the Mew
I am someone that flies through the multiverse and trys to keep good going. I'm usually lazy, but if needed, I'll come help. I'm even a little MEWical. Yes, I even do puns. Overall, I will try my best to help my friends and anyone worth helping( which I would consider still everyone ) But, enough said.
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    Vincent C. Scheiding
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Because this is triple the work.
Because this is triple the work.
Because this is triple the work.
* uses psychic to help him up *
( I honestly don't know besides the fact that we started this up here )
But... why? Unless it's embarrassing or angering you, somehow, I don't know why you wouldn't want me to laugh...
I noticed. * giggles a bit *
* sits there watching as the coal and iron SLOWLY mix *
Nice code you have there. But... when you have someone who uses long math problems to help solve certain things in Video Games, you kinda made a code that is too easy... especially when you tell us what to do... and, was I the only one who didn't know before this?
Heh, it a good thing that I can put you out easily too.
I hope you get better then, Emc.
... pixl, are you sick? That was a LOT of coughing...
* transforms back into his Mew self * Now all I need to do is wait until it is at a good mixing temperature...
* teleports back with a lump of coal in his paws * I have the coal! All I need is the iro- Oh! Thanks Flare! * hands Flare the lump of coal to mix in with the iron *
Believe me, I never am going to be away for you guys for too long * smiles while he says it *