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And here's the rest of the questions only aimed at one character!~ Well, not including questions for characters that came after their page went up. Speaking of which! 3 more pages and the questions will close, so if you have any last minute questions you're almost out of time!~
(Penelope for best PYNL character)
Time for a seal we haven't seen in quite a while!~

(And I'd just like to mention that Keilani did not faint in game, just weakened to a point where I needed to swap him out)
@Goku521: Wonder if anyone's made a Danganronpa x Pokemon crossover yet
@Pokemon151: Man, I totally forgot I made a Marvel reference at first and was very confused at first
@Ark Bluegate: Foolish, for it is I who was truly first ;3c
@Julian or Yoshidakid: I had actually never seen that before yall brought it up :'3
@Ark Bluegate: Actually I never read that before :'3
@Julian or Yoshidakid: Here lies Wheeler, murdered by an adorable god clone
@pixlyJolt: Cause that's supposedly the real name of Android 18 in Dragon Ball Z~
@gamerblackjacket: oddly enough it actually never occurred to me to mix pikachu and or mew in for a name o3o
@DarkFlameOSecrets: Warning, too much cuteness at once can be harmful to one's health!
And that wraps up all the team members with a significant number of speaking lines!