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I am LOTHAR Manga Captain
and now its foreward in time !!!
check out GRIND on drunduk , its got more pages
heres the other page , i made with my own 2 hands in photoshop

thanks for looking at it
theres nothing to read
hi evcerybuddy ! hows everybody doing ? good ? all rite then

heres this page , hope you enjoy iy as much as i did

thanks for looking at GRIND
they're out to get you , theres demons closing in from every side

so let's cuddle close together

oh yea !
hello everybody on SmackJEEVES . i am going to stop ignoring this place and update here as well as there , you know what i mean ! anyway , let me hear from you , i care what my readers think , it wakes me happy and stuff
thank you
heres the latest page of GRIND
Check it out
hey everbudy , what's up ? .. i want to be friends with more people cuz i dont have any friends

heres a page about a character named Jemz , he like sto fuck the sexy alien ladies

thanks you for looking at [url=]GRIND[/url]
this is cewl !!!!
thats how it went down
this is true to life
hi smackjeves peole
i made this comic on my phone. its the first time i try such a thing. but since i cant uplode it to drunk duck im gunna start using this place
hey everybody on SJ !!!
i decided to try and post the GRIND archive pages here , i'm kinda unfamiliar with SJs uploading system , i wonder if there is a faster way to post pages because i have like 150 pages of GRIND to post but it seems i can only upload one at a time and i have a short attention span for that kinda thing , thanks for checking it out and if you wanna see the newer pages now go here
you have to log into Drunck duck to see the comic there cuz it's rated A
english is a sux language anyway , just like sonic is a sux video game !
HI !!!
they are not sposed to sleeping
she died
GRIND will now be updating here as well as at DD , as soon as this side catches up to the other side , that might take a while , but i will try to update onec a day until it is there ! thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool story i read the whole thing just now !
HAHAH!!!! that was my inspiration !
heheheh ! she does !
these next 5 pages were originally 1 long page , but due to size restrictions on smackjeeves they are now seperate !
that dude looks like the grampa from the jaki chan cartoon !