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SSJ Rose Nova
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Some of us probably already knew that they didn't know her life. Though she may not actually try to fight back or she might. depending on what will happen since they are in a school.
At last backup has arrived.
is this the next person?
Well. hope they both will be alright after this. since her family may not get a kick out of this story.
it is being shown as a bad image source. might want to get it fixed.
Okay that went too far.
Hey at least she is learning from some of her past mistakes.
Well better hope he has some insurance for all the damage he will be receiving.
SSJ Rose Nova
August 15th, 2018
Oh. is something about to happen.
SSJ Rose Nova
August 13th, 2018
does she have a way to help her? since she does have every thing in her.
that she will charge forward and cause major problems.
No problem. I'm willing to help. In anyway that i can.
Hey the image appears to be a bad one and is not being shown. Just to inform you.
Did we just go back to the suppose fake story? Or was it when she got shocked that she imagining all of that. What is going on I am so confuse.
More like they have been wipe out and unconscious. So they can't reply "i surrender" at the moment.
Huh!? It is a robot then.
*Face Palm. Why!?!?
My god enough old geezer. Can't seem to trust anyone but yourself.