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SSJ Rose Nova
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wonder if their is anything in this place.
they will still be hunted down though.
You know there are many shows that can sometimes bring in a big plot twist. this kind of situation is a possible one.
@reddog_f13: Thanks for the info.
i don't know for sure, but is that the rake? if not what is it?
I like the way it looks.
Hello darkness my old friend.
We'll be waiting.
Well lets hope their is some thing that can help him.
That might have just alerted some things.
I have an interesting theory who this "father" and "god" is.
wait Is that a phoenix?
Well we know that rachel doesn't like him. And thanks for updating again keep it up.
I think the ones in the comics was what I was thinking about at the time. but thanks for the information.
aren't all robots masters taken advantage of in some way?
Huh... okay then. and yes its back
they both seem ready to slug him. or is it just me?
the title says he gets in trouble not in too much trouble. so he may just cause minimal trouble, and not major trouble... i hope.
SSJ Rose Nova
September 20th, 2018
For where she got the blade she grabbed it in one of the previous pages. when she was shouting that she was her friend and then activated the level 5 threat.