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SSJ Rose Nova
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@Berggen_Kino: Let her be does sound better. and today's language and the past's language did change.
helmats=different ranks?
Did he just say Bounty Killer?
and this is one reason why you should be wary of girls.
what happened to this image?
Shows you how emotionally unstable toriel is right now.
I feel sorry for her.
Is seen flying in the next page.
So Libel believed that since Fauna is a prototype that she could be made to like him. wow.
she can handle a guy like him. she did during the first pages, but that was with her equipment.
i feel bad for that beast.
what is he the hulk now?
did you actually make mew two have features of both pulse and eve? because mew two's appearance took me by surprise.
kinda guessed that this would happen but only some of it.
what is he bane now?
wonder when she will start to get serious.
its fine since your back now.