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SSJ Rose Nova
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wonder whats going to happen when she meets up with him.
Not the best idea when no one knows about that kind of stuff.
Wow that last panel.
SSJ Rose Nova
December 19th, 2018
Nice one Papyrus.
@JoKeR: I'm not an idiot. just what you wrote was what confused me.
@JoKeR: What?
The kid reminds me of another character that is seen earlier. but who?

Also is this the past?
she is either making coffins, or has some for some reason. so she may have lost it.
hey you never know. people tend to have weirder objects with then just some pepper spray.
She has a mace. hmm.
yeah he has too much pride. sometimes you need help even when you don't want to admit it.
well since no one has survived an encounter with jack the ripper. they did not know much about him. i think.
wonder if their is anything in this place.
they will still be hunted down though.
You know there are many shows that can sometimes bring in a big plot twist. this kind of situation is a possible one.
@reddog_f13: Thanks for the info.
i don't know for sure, but is that the rake? if not what is it?
I like the way it looks.
Hello darkness my old friend.
We'll be waiting.