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That little girl is adorable!
Is the snake a prosthetic, or is it there as a way to distract people from her lack of an arm?
Er, King? You okay...?
I love this comic already
Is this Eugene?
Wonder what's going on...
Hey, I'm really liking this comic so far! Keep it up!
Alison is freaking great XD
Papyrus, no! Baby steps!
October 31st, 2018
Happy Halloween!
And awww look at Kylie's blush X3
@Lucypoke: omg that'd be great
@M1mgaa: oh, I wonder...
@temmy: it's likely that he knows due to his constant research on other people, and also due to that one Edburt that called Rudy a "boy girl crybaby"
Awwwww the little smooch!!!!
@Seruta: it's most likely carrot juice, not blood
Poor baby boy...
Violet's face in the last panel is gold
damn, she ripped off a piece of his back
that is some gore right there
It's Rudy boi
@Dragongirl101: same dude, im almost 22, and I look 15, maybe younger!
I'm assuming Tobi died during the incident from his childhood that he forgot
Also, he's probably the fourth "Ghost Eyes" kid