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No, not really. But I like to think I'm good. But I'm lazy. REALLY LAZY.
Like, if there was a missile flying at my house I'd just sit there lazy.
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Pose as a team because SHIT JUST GOT REAL.
Use 10 rings to replenish your health bar.
Y'know, kind of coincidentially, I've started to make Poke-anthros in Sonic style too...

You're good at it. o:
That's like, really awesome, and unique and stuff. I'd have never thought of making Kabuto, 'specially not like that. .3. 10 points for originality.
I've gotta say, I lol'd really hard.
Ooh, I loved that enemy.
Argh, it's so epic.
Shoes / boot things look kind weird, may be the shading...

Otherwise it looks good.
I thought Skullman's helmet was supposed to have teeth-like things in the bottom and not hockey-mask like breathing things...

Edit: Glad to help.
Made this god knows when...
Another old thing, a Sonic Battle version of my favorite Megaman 1 Robot Master, Cutman! C&C and comments appreciated.

I may sheet this, dunno. No mouth cuz I couldn't get it to look right, and I think the eyes could look a bit shading looking at it now...
Heh, those'll be easy edits, I could do 'em... Did the Seth, don't really like it, but I'll show it in my next update.
Definitely possible, the yin-yang may look a bit odd though.
I can't do custom-y sprites all that well, the muscles would be bad. .3.
Heh, I haven't ever gotten to him except for once on accident with Zangief...

Speaking of which, if you have a request for a SF character, I'll try to make them. Just nobody HUGE like Zangief or Alex.
Woo, kind-of usable sheet.
Feel free to use, just give credit, and tell me where you use 'em.

Edit: Oh, forgot to mention! Credit to Djoing for pose 2-4.
Yeah... That'd probably be a good idea. .3.
...I honestly laughed. :U Too bad I don't really have a met or joe.