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dude...i just saw this. i'm so going to miss your stuff. it was an honor to have your comments on my old comic. thank you again. and email me at so i can send you the link of my new comic that i'm gonna start and have up by the end of the year
*tap tap tap* oh no!!!
omg....walkin would not be that bad of a roomie. at least you'd always laugh.
haha now if goku actually asked for something like that to beat freeza, there'd be no more sayans
October 3rd, 2005
very very awesome. i love the shading you used on here. she looks so afraid yet will come and beat the shit out of you if you try anything lol
can we still do stuff like this?
i know who did...but it wasn't good
haha i so had a feeling pacman would make some sort of appearance.
yay for 50 comics! congrats, dude
omg! i had the same damn experience! oh was with playdough.
haha this is very good :)
September 29th, 2005
wow...totally amazing :) i'm loving your work more and more.

btw, i *finally* added a new comic. tell your friends :-p
haha it's always nice to have roomies do everything for you. i'm loving this series.
awesome. just be-cos will have both of theirs posted after the fund is over (for one, i want them to be a suprise...and two, i haven't finished both of them yet)
yay for hotdog killing!!!
ack!!! killer bear attacks!!!! *screams*
i'm giving you 5 out of 5 only because walken is the best comedian out there. and that is the best SNL skit with him in it.
awesome. :-D now you gotta try my charries lol :-p
poor dumptruck *sniff*
hahah this is great. i think my job should take this process.