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Hello, I'm Neko-san, and my favorite word or sound is Nyan.

I'm not particularly great with these things, but:

1. I love dark and/or twisted stories
2. crime and horror (ex. Hannibal and Hannibal rising)
3. I love black cats, dragons, and ravens
4. I like historical towns, with Gothic architecture
4a. but, I can settle for some Victorian or Tudor style homes.
5. I like the read about Caribbean vodoo
6. I have a small interest in psychology...

...and currently my favorite film is Hellraiser. But, that can change ;)

Life can be a little fun with capriciousness-in moderation.

And that's about it. Thank you for reading~Nyan!
September 12th, 2019
Omg, his crying face is cute.
Omg, anya’s Eyes. I want em
Fuck. Yesssss.
I apologize profusely if I am wrong, BUT can I just say I love Anya's hair and eyes?! like, Oh my god, I feel like doing something unholy because they are so pretty.

Sort of like how, one wants to pinch a puppy's cheecks because it's so cute.
oh, wow, really?! I'm so excited to see that play out. thank you for telling me.
OK, I am going to be that one person, BUT can these two become lovers?

Otherwise, if they can't, that's OK. the story is great irregardless.
February 27th, 2019

please, don't scream I do not want to know who's time has passed.
February 26th, 2019

hey, I'ma black hole. :)
February 26th, 2019
I knew it! I was like that's not enough eggs for all of them. But, I KNEW it. the eggs don't lie.
February 26th, 2019

legit, I asked this the first page she came up in. THe author said that she was there.
I apologize, but BS.

my sentiments exactly Luna.

well, Now we know where his son got it. Or some of it. I'm talking about bennet.

Also, how else would any normal person, knock on a door. If he felt that poorly about Rudy-and he shouldn't considering his son-then he should tell Rudy and his parent's that he no longer want's him associating with his son.
February 3rd, 2019
omg, that's F***** up. so, they pick? or am I missing a beat.

I think it was actually ben who showed rudy those videos.
January 28th, 2019
OK, I know I'm going to get into huge trouble for asking, but is the mother really there?
omg, I can't. does the dad know about Emilio's habit?!
geeze the teacher, reminds me of my 3rd yr prof.

mmm? I'm so envious, I'm trying to reconnect with my roots cause of family so I'm still learning french. :( But, It's wicked cool that you can speak spanish, german, and dutch. It must be great being able to have such a repetoire.
@StanleyComics: Hi StanleyComics, I'm sorry if my comment went a little far, sometimes I get a little excited and I start to respond in french.

But, yeah, I did not think anything sexual happened.