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Someone who is now making Sprite Comics. YEE HA!
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    Jim Horn
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"Kirby! Suck it up!"
And stop saying you're sorry, us readers are the ones who should be grateful!
I am 1000% fine with extra updates! :D
Everything just got broken.
Mission accomplished, I guess. And both are yellow.
Oh wait I just realized he got the beam ability. I'm not very observant.
Ooh, cool, a hat that changes color!
...wait was that intentional?
You know what would be an unexpected plot twist?
If nobody died. XD
Man, that thing just got destroyed! It barely even got any chances to attack throughout the whole fight!
This gives me flashbacks... DON'T DO IT KORLY!
@PrivatePepperoni: one of the two.
Fights are fun, but also difficult to make.
When it comes to ghosts, you just gotta boop em on the nose.

Boop em with holy magic.
I love how they're not even making puns but just sorta smack-talking each other.
Oh goodness, dark hallway of impending doom.
...he said to no avail.
Never, never, NEVER take Kirby's cake.
Nice use of the Samurai Kirby sprites.
When you mean to do a fist bump but do a skull bash instead. OWCH.
But now I want to see what happens!