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Someone who is now making Sprite Comics. YEE HA!
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    Jim Horn
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I do not like the direction this is going.
Do not question the video game magic, Gannon!
Ain't no rest for the wicked.
Never mess with ninjas.
Seriously, biosparks are so annoying strong. So THAT'S what you came here for.
Shade better not get himself possessed.
If Dedede is guarding anything, it's probably food.
Those dusks just got...
Hammer time.
Hey, at least you aren't causing as much trouble as a certain anti-author character.
Of course, what else would you expect from Violet?
I get the subtle reference to another Keeby: "It would be hard to live without you."
Certain Kirbies in another Kirbyverse had to live without Keeby.
I mean, high risk of instantaneous destruction tends to make people a bit nervous.
Good job, John, you nearly crushed alternate universe Keeby.
He sure did make it sound interesting! But of course he can't leave it as that.
Oof, he A N G E R Y.
Slightly discolored tile, ouch.