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Someone who is now making Sprite Comics. YEE HA!
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    Jim Horn
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I mean...
I kinda feel bad for Ninji, why is everyone taking Yellow's side?
@Aetherstorm: Even when they're doing a creepy body switching thing they STILL manage to look cute!
You can't outrun the duck! >:)
Little did the ninja know that the place all the food was placed WAS AN OVEN AND HR BARELY ESCAPED WITH HIS LIFE!
We're gonna build a wall.
It's gonna be fake.
We're gonna make Kirby pay -- *shot*
I'mma go throw up now, brb.
I'd be slightly put out to discover someone I knew had my ghost locked away in a secret ghost room somewhere,too.
Unassociated Thoughts
Kirby became the very thing he sought to destroy?

...oh no!
Amazingly well made page! The true final boss has been revealed! O:
Looking back, I'm just glad Keeby turned un-evil! :D
I'll be praying for your mental health and life after college.
Looking forward to more incredibly well made updates! Thank you, once again, for taking so much time out of your busy life to share this with us! :)
Ok, I laughed pretty hard at this one.
Best tactic ever, Kirby.
Dangit @Gigi19972010 I was just about to ask that!
Close shave for Korpy.
OOF, that was no contest. Better luck next time, Korpy!
Hey, this chapter is all about relaxation, after all. ;P
That's the first time that ninja has managed to NOT be seen.
He must be really learning from his mistakes. XD
Xiaolin may be a villian, but at least he knows his 3-dimensional shapes.
Poor Ninji, I know how it feels when people just won't shut up (I have 2 little brothers).
Nobody expects the Kirby Inquisition!
December 4th, 2018
You done messed up, spyboi! XD
Why so grump, Kobby?
Oh, so THAT'S how that works