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Someone who is now making Sprite Comics. YEE HA!
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    Jim Horn
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Amber probably should have relied on more than just one person before he announced his evil intentions.
Amber had a lot of durability for a simmirror!
Tornado has more invincibility frames... You'd better give up now, Umbra.
Hey, look, he's wearing a cape too!
They're everywhere! THEY'RE TAKING OVER!
It IS normal, Gannon. So get used to it.
What ability would that give? Water? Doctor? Magic?
Valoo fell asleep? What an unexpected turn of events!
I still don't know 90% of the alternate clone's names.
I lost the game.
So... No throw headband?
Do Kirbies who train with an ability get to discard the hat?
A map! A map! My kingdom for a map!
Also at least a bit of talk during the fight as well would probably help.
So Keebt grabbed and reversed the bombs?
Wouldn't they explode on contact unless he had an ability?
Format is decent, perhaps it could be better if it focused on the action more, so closer zoom on Keeby, Kitsy, Amber, & Mayaka while ignoring the other Kirbies entirely, except for maybe a panel or two at the beginning to indicate what they are doing during the fight.
If you live at the hospital YOU BETTER, Master Green!
Alert! The enemy has captured our intelligence!
Someone has anger issues.
I'm sure that random Sir Kibble is going to come crashing down in some random panel in the future for comedic effect.