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Someone who is now making Sprite Comics. YEE HA!
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@Nova Ozuka: Fight scenes do tend to be time consuming.
One page without Keeby is too many pages without Keeby!
I use paint, but I supplement it with GIMP.
The bad-driver-kirby seems to be a pretty universal joke at this point. :)
Lol, I love how this fight scene has been half actual fighting, half just talking. (Kinda like my fight scenes)
He's gonna die too, isn't he?
Ok, he did die. I was right after all. :D
He should at least TRY to enjoy himself.
Plot twist, nice.
Ok, I was wrong.
He gonna die, isn't he?
Couldn't see this coming. :P
Looks like he didn't have long to wait.
Done worry, by this point I've learned not to get attached to any of your slug characters. (Except the wizard, don't you dare kill him off!)
Rip in Pepperinos ultraslug.
Lol, that guy in the front row looks like he's struggling to stay awake.
Uh oh, that "splash" has to mean something.