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Someone who is now making Sprite Comics. YEE HA!
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    Jim Horn
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Stomach acid flavored jelly beans... yum...
What would these knights looks like without their armor? That’s a scary thought.
Because he wanted to be polite and say “excuse me” first.
What kind of a lazy person uses elevators, anyway?
I don’t see how anyone could be THAT tone deaf!
Just make sure not to talk to yourself while being sneaky.
*insert troll face here*
Good point, Kibby.
There’s a secret library hidden here, if you look close enough..
That really “sucks” for Kroby!
- *shot*
You know, stupidity on a level that can only be witnessed.
Super star ultra hungry!
Kirby’s not spotted... or striped for that matter. He’s one solid color except for his feet.
Violence is always the answer.
And Murphy - I mean author-doo - conveniently appears to demonstrate to Dedede that one must be careful with one’s words.
Ok, I’m going to try to read this whole comic through without commenting too much...
Quick, Ash, yoink whatever that is!
Because he got it from a question mark block.
I’ve always found fishing boring, too
Because food is more important!