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Someone who is now making Sprite Comics. YEE HA!
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    Jim Horn
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What if trumpolini is lying about the fact that he made up lies?
But he doesn’t want THEIR company... come on Lazuli, when will you get it?
And then Lakitu scooped it up in a bucket and deposited it in one of the Super Mario Brothers Jungle Levels.
Wow, both Lazuli and Speedy take anything that disagrees with their personal opinions as a direct attack.
February 21st, 2019
Something wicked this way comes!
So this happens after the squeak squad incident canonically?
Hey, that just means all the more for Choco!
I love how unnatural Amber acts whenever he’s hiding something. And how no body seems to notice. It’s a nice, funny touch.
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
@evilnidhogg: That would mean the inside if of Link’s pack is a vacuum... Which would be surprising for anyone else, but this is Link, after all.
@KaiterSkate: Dang, you stole my joke!
They need police dogs... Or the Kirby-universe equivalent to police dogs.
YAY! Awesome!
Dangit, Kirby, you cut off Keeby's big scene with your stupid antics!
Yay, I caught up at last.
This stuff is like Dark Matter from the Kirby series but also somehow a cute-but-evil-looking doggo. I LOVE IT!
Big "oof"
I like this version of Ganon:
Magic-Ninja Ganon who actually decided not to abandon Link!
It would take much more than a mere eyeball-stab for Link to be not-alright.