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(i am not an artist much of a video editor) i like Nintendo Pokemon, Kirby, and last of all Mario.
and anything sport that involves targets.
nevada u.s.a is my home and yes people live in it and no we do not live in casinos
woah he can fly!!!! like tails.
hahahah your diolouge is good.
you are welcome maam.
you better do a good job.
wow that must be disappointing.
well time to go to work.
who is he sounds like his dad or something.
well lethal did do some fighting.
@Ikualokatl:it was just silence.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
evee falling is funny!!!!!
@Snapinator:are you OK sorry to bother?
@Haychel: wow all i have to say is

I HAVE NOT BEEN this IMPRESSED OF A PMD COMIC BEFORE!!!! i just started this comic this year and i have to say the story telling is amazing as i always say to other authors as i wish you luck and your partner luck on this comic in the future and beyond.
yes finally they are home.
eyyyyy!!!!!! good jooob!!!!!!!!!!!
they could get into the state suicune is in.
looks like a very good comic you need to make a more appealing so you can get more viewers.