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(i am not an artist much of a video editor)

likes:i like Nintendo Pokemon, Kirby, and last of all Mario.
and anything sport that involves targets archery .
nevada u.s.a is my home and yes people live in it and no we do not live in casinos

dislikes:shut up ya statist bootlicker, politicians, identity politics, veganism,statism,sports fanaticism
looked like evolution but who knows or her inner power!!!!
her inner power!!!!
challenge who?
that all went south.
claude looks exited!!!!!
celebi got pissed!!!!
and the last panel looks great!!!
the decidueye? by the way i can tell because of the green colar, and his girlfriend?
love the name away from destiny.
psychics and dark types could be evil.
@Julian or Yoshidakid: you don't need to do that since if you can save the comic so you can get the next notification.
She's got a plan
Gonna get arrested?
i hope she learns the truth.
its still the same.
yeah so that other comic of yours is about the human and grovyle right?