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(i am not an artist much of a you tuber)

likes:i like Nintendo Pokemon, Kirby, and last of all Mario.
and anything sport that involves targets like archery ex.

nevada u.s.a is my home and yes people live in it and no we do not live in casinos

dislikes: statists, politicians, identity politics, veganism,statism,sports fanaticism

my deviant account i mostly do photography:

vimeo channel:


dlive channel:


Yay for ash!!!
I love the final panel.
that table looks huge for a mudkip or pikachu.
@Ekrahdun:woops i meant to the guild he was staying in.
pirates will attack them!!!
oh yeah it is weak but it will when it is used against another typing.
he can't be dead!!!!
yeah right boy you sure did bring trouble to the guild your staying in!!!
the riolu!!!!
he defended them when he was not supposed to?
what happened to her?