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(i am not an artist much of a you tuber)

likes:i like Nintendo Pokemon, Kirby, and last of all Mario.
and anything sport that involves targets like archery ex.

nevada u.s.a is my home and yes people live in it and no we do not live in casinos

dislikes: statists, politicians, identity politics, veganism,statism,sports fanaticism

my deviant account i mostly do photography:

vimeo channel:


dlive channel:


and I've seen two people in there 40s and you are my third one.
hi i wish you luck on this comic
and whoa is risa a human cause that is weird if she knows what she is doing but unless she played the pmd games!!!!!
@evil-Umbreon:hi there!!!! seeing you more often in this comic!!!!!
hahahaha school sucks!!!
@SlyGrovyle:is st a female or a male?
@Murp:im just saying but st looks like a girl in my opinion since its black strips i'l ask the authors if st is actually a girl or a boy.
angry birds!!!!
the sleepless girl!!!
sounds like a game.
it's been a long time i wonder where he is going?
a comic page in a comic!!!!
loved that smile!!!!
sounds good!!!!
sounds horifying!!!