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(i am not an artist much of a you tuber)

likes:i like Nintendo Pokemon, Kirby, and last of all Mario.
and anything sport that involves targets like archery ex.

nevada u.s.a is my home and yes people live in it and no we do not live in casinos

dislikes:shut up ya statist bootlicker, politicians, identity politics, veganism,statism,sports fanaticism

my deviant account i mostly do photography:
woah who is he?
i don't get it but i hope it is a happy reunion.
oh i hope Jake is fine i can't stand that thug hope he gets justice.
wow you did a great job with this cover you really need to do this art style because this one looks strait in my eyes.
hello woah she is pissed!!
that's fine.
Whats wrong with her!!!!
Gets tired than gets up.
Woah now he evolved out of no where but wow he looks strong now.
she got inside of it!!!
Yay we are back!!!
@Shiny cobra:i mean to say:Alejandro what region are you from in your world?
isn't he a fire type he should be just fine if he heats himself.
@Shiny cobra: about his world i must have confused Alejandro with john.