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January 26th, 2019
Nope. Alphas don't need biological children.
Moving to a Thursday update schedule from here on. I am planning to move cross country in little under a month and no longer have weekends available for drawing.
One more panel with a wolf, and then it's all people until the end of the chapter. I am very exited about that!

For anyone worried about the wolves: these challenges are not generally to the death, and with accelerated healing, most injuries heal within a day or two.
Aww man, tea came out my nose at the brick pooping. XD
Lazy backgrounds are us >.<
Meet the Shadowspur siblings.

I recently got a copy of Clip Studio Paint and went a little overboard with the painting ^.^ Future pages will be a bit simpler to speed up creation time.
First page coming Monday 2 April. I will be updating daily for the first week, just to get the story going.